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Having an anxiety Attack Right now

Hay guys, well the mrs has just gone to Bingo and I'm on my own, she's out for only 2 hours but I feel really worried, I'm sat here now feeling a little weird and panicky, plus had a few twinges in my chest like usual, felt breathless for a minute too. I know I can get over this feeling but it just feels like its never going to end, does anyone have anyone they call and speak to when they feel like this?

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I know this won't help but I talk to my cats, or I sit in a cool room and repeat it will pass, it will pass. Try focusing on something, anything for short periods. I do feel for you, I'm on my own for 12 hrs most days from 8 am till 8 pm, I can't leave the house, hence talking to the cats. I do find a cool room, or cold flannel on my face/ neck helps calm me down.

I hope you feel better soon. Xxx Cookie xxx


hi rod i hope your feeling a little better by now, i know its horrible iv lived with nerves an panic attacks all my life.do you have a friend you can call? i normally go to the gym or do yoga to destress. i do hope your feeling better soon.


Hi rod.

I can relate to what your saying but concentrate on breathing and keep busy before you know it the 2 hours would have flown past. It is horrible when being alone gets you into these feelings and panic.

Take care

Love Seyi xxx


I have to do deep breathing and keep telling myself that this attack is not going to kill me and I will still be here tomorrow. Try and keep busy if you can even if it's just reading or watching tv. Hope you are ok. xx


I try and keep busy, deep. slow breathing,.... writing... I sued to have a number that was set up for people to call for anxiety. I'll look around for it... I never used it but at one time it made me feel better just having it. I'll look into it if you'd like.


Belated thankyou very much to all of you ha ha, and yes leajay that would be nice


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