Evening all :-)

Hope ur all doing ok? I've been bingo and never won :-( lol all wk on and off I've had abit of chest pain. Wen I'm busy it's not there but wen I think about its there. I know its anxiety as I've had it in the past with my anxiety. Like I say wen I'm busy and not thinking about it, it's not there. I've had other symtoms as well which I have also had with my anxiety in the past. My clickers r coming tomorrow so I can start clicker training the dogs which I'm looking forward to. At least that will keep my mind off anxiety and it's symptoms......hopefully :-)xxx


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  • Hi donna sorry you did not win at bingo, maybe next time ay. at least you went and had a good time .I wish I could get busy, maybe I wouldent suffer all day then. Also Donna what do you do with the dog clickers? I have two dogs and my daughter said the younger one Tilly could do with being a bit more training :)



  • I've been doing alot of watching videos on it on u tube. If ur training ur dog to sit, as soon as he's Sat then click the clicker and give him a treat. Then after a while ad the word sit. I thought I wud give it a try. My dog now's abit and can do a few tricksxxx

  • How r u doing with the flouxetine? Feeling any better yet xxx

  • No afraid not, I stopped them, but then my daughter said I have to take them as she was worried I was going to end up in hospital. So have started again now and have to stick with it, and see what happens, I just don't see the point if I am still going to have anxiety, other than I suppose if you are moving about more and going out, that is when the patterns of anxiety can change in the brain,

    I have told my daughter about the dog clicker



  • There worth a try, c how u feel in a month or so. I wasn't going out at one point, I wud have panic just walking to the shop. Stick with them thou and u can always take a diazapan if u feel bad. I did in the first mth, even thou I still get anxiety it's not as bad as I had it before o was on them.

    If u look on u tube there a woman on there with a collie and they make clicker training look easy xxx

  • Hi I went to bingo too last night. I didn't win either! Go about once a week now and haven't won for about 4 months - even one line. Grrrr

    Bev x

  • I haven't won much since the Saturday before xmas. I was at my local gala and won the xl on the board 10360 I was dancing in the bingo lol xxx

  • Hi Donna

    Oh sorry you didnt win at bingo , maybe next time , but hope you enjoyed yourself

    Dog training now , that sounds like fun , you will have to let us no how it goes :-/




  • I sure will whywhy it's sumthing I have a passion forlol but with the anxiety last yr I stopped the dog traning. Hop ur ok xxx

  • I sure will whywhy it's sumthing I have a passion forlol but with the anxiety last yr I stopped the dog traning. Hop ur ok xxx

  • Donna that reply came out twice , its like been on the old site , always knew it was you when I got 2 or 3 answers :D

    Well cant wait to hear how it goes :-/


  • Lol whywhy I didn't even realise. Haven't done that in a while lol :-)x

  • I liked it Donna , it made me smile , I always used to no it was you & I though she is back tonight :-/


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