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Sometimes one little thing can make a difference so thank you

I came on here Friday becaus my anxiety had been horrendous for 2 weeks with no let up! And yesterday was bad but today I have seen a very good improvement I've not had the constant thought I have some form of cancer and I haven't googled any symptoms today (this for me is a major accomplishment) ! I'm still dizzy and breathless but the tight feeling in my chest has gone and my legs are no longer like an elastic band ready to give way at any second ! I'm far from feeling 100% but I'm better than I was . I can only put it down to finding this site and knowing I'm not on my own there's lots o people who are like me! And one person I need to thank is "bounce" don't know who u are but u gave me reassurance and hope and I can't thank you enough xxx

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Hello :-)

This is brilliant news :-)

I did not look at the negatives that you still have I just focused on all your positives and each one made me smile :-) well done you !

Now you focus on those positives to and give yourself a big pat on the back and don't worry the rest will come give yourself time as well as if you take a little dip don't freak out it sometimes happens but you come through again

You don't know who I am :-D

Well half the time I don't either :-D

I do know I have a date now with BGT and a big bag of cheesy balls from Tesco , love them but once I put one in my mouth I end up eating the lot :-D

I did a post asking who everyone thought would win BGT , one friend has replied but other than that I look like Billy no mates :-D

So if you want to have a guess on there I would not object :-/

Hope you have a lovely evening :-)

Take Care x


I won't interrupt yr cheese balls and bgt but thank you!! I want jasmine to win she's so talented and reminds me of my daughter xx enjoy yr evening xxx


O if you look at my post that is the one I have said I want to win :-)

She is lovely , I went on Twitter and liked her page and she started following me she is such a lovely young girl as well as having a voice like velvet she made me cry :-(

Not sure what night she is on but I have downloaded the BGT app so I am ready to vote for her :-) x


Great minds think alike haha ! Awww she comes across as as a lovely young girl . Fingers crossed she wins x

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This gives me so much reassurance. I feel like your post is what I'm hoping to be saying eventually.

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Awww I'm pleased to hear that I'm not 100% but yesterday was unbearable and today I feel much better than I did . And I honestly think it was down to someone understanding what yr saying and reassuring u yr not crazy ! I hope u will feel even a little better soon xx


Ps . Romylu I've been using Mckenzie's smelling salts when I'm light headed and dizzy they are strong but give u a clear head there Abt £5 for a small bottle boots and other chemists do them might be worth a try xx


It is good to see how this forum is helping people.

Sometimes it is enough, just to know that you are not alone!


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