Can u think of a name for my kitten?

Hello all been fine today this is the first chance I've had to come on all day. Been to bingo with my mom and sister and got back and cleaned house from top to bottom. OH at his mom's tonight so I'm at my mom's rather then be on my home. I didn't leave mine untill nine as I don't like leaving my dogs to long on there own. Plus I was fine. I suppose I cud of stopped on my own as I didn't have any fear. Wen I feel ready I will try it again.

I thought I wud ask u all as I'm stuck for a name for my new Kitten. I've tried posting a pic bit just won't work. He's a little fluffy thing, I think he's going to be long haired as well. He's an all over like beige colour. I just can't think of a name. It can't be gizmo, smokey, mitzi, twinkle, Jack or star as that's the the names of my others. So can any of u good people think of any names? Xxx

PS will try to put pic as profiler pic and c if that works xxx


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13 Replies

  • Well first thought straight away was Will-i-am :D

    Second whywhy :D

    No use hey ;)

    O bless you I hope someone comes up with a good name for you :)

    Glad to see you posting & have a day of from the cleaning tomorrow (says me )

    You are doing really great donna




  • How about bingo or dober xx

  • dober :o you dont live far from me Winter dober means something rude round here :D

    Did you add something to that curry you had tonight ;)

    Bingo is a good one though as Donna likes her Bingo


  • I love the name Bingo and he sounds like a winner to me xxx

  • Does it? I mean the pen you blob your numbers with in bingo!? X

  • Morning Winter , yes hun it can do , I have sent you a little message with other explanations

    Hope you have something good planned today :)


  • I've always found that cats have a tendency to take on the opposite qualities to the meaning of any name you give me. Had one called mir (Peace) and she was always up for fight - so named another Até (pronounced Ahtay - mischief/destruction) and he was the most placid cat imaginable.

  • I called one of mine Dotty and she lives up to it perfectly lol, i know what you mean though xxx

  • If I ever get another cat would be tempted to call it Barker lol how about Dizzy as hes blonde coloured !!

    Mimii :)

  • Rio,I had a beautiful long haired cat called that.

  • Dear Donna81,

    Since you mention that he is fluffy and and that he might be long haired, how about Vidal as in Vidal Sassoon, the late famous hairdresser.

    warmest regards,

    Marcus xxx

  • Some good names here :-)x

  • Rio the kids have agreed yay kitty got a name lol

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