Day 2......I feel good :-)

Hi all day 2 without nuthing at all, how good is this? It's better then good it's excellantttttt :-) u know even better, my OH had a late job to oxford and back. Plus he's had to wait to unload the van for a few hours. He's been gone since about 4 and not back till some time after ten. The thing is im usually full of fear being left for long on the evening but nuthing. Now that's the first times in a few years no fear. So I can say I'm really pleased with myself. That's definitely on my list of achievements for this week.

How r u all? Hope it doing ok xxx


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  • Hi

    That is excellent :-)

    Well done I do know how you used to fear been on your own so that is a Positive for Friday & I am looking forward to the scan results Friday as well :-)




  • Hi whywhy really really can't wait till Friday. I really think they will say boy, if they do say girl I will be in shock :-) healthy baby is all that counts but will be nice to know wat colour to buy.

    Im really shocked I've sat here tonight and had a nice warm bath and watched the soaps, play candy crush. Had a few cups of teas and only smoked 3 fags. Being on my own I smoke like a chimney cuz im anxious but been totally relaxing and nice. Reminds me if the days before my anxiety wen OH done taxi driving at wkends. I used to have all girls rounds Friday nights and Me and boys Saturday nights xxx

  • Hi

    When I had my 2 girls & went for my scan when I was having my son before I knew I was having a boy I was convinced I was having another girl & to be honest was excited

    I had been round town looking at all the little outfits I was going to buy & as soon as I had had my scan I knew exactly what shops I was going to go in & what I was going to buy , I had it all planned

    Well when they said you are having a boy I nearly fell of the table , I was going no it cant be are you sure :-D

    Threw me for a couple of days I was sat in a daze thinking what do I do with a boy I am used to girls :-/

    But he is the most loving son I could have ever had & like you as long as they are healthy that is the main thing & we are blessed to have such lovely children :-)

    I am pleased you are getting those feelings you had before the anxiety , I hope it long continues :-)


  • I've been round the shops and picked everything out for a boy and a girl. From clothes to Moses basket to bottles. I'm organised for both. I've never been before lol think it may be cause I'm older and abit wiser now. Think anxiety as made me like it.

    Ive no anxiety for two days and I feel good about it. Instead of waiting for it, Im just not going to be negative and think but it will be back tomorrow. I will just enjoy today and if its baçk tomorrow then at least I know I've had two good days and have felt normal xxx

  • You are organized I was older when I had my son but was convinced he was a girl :-D

    Good for you Donna take each day as it comes :-)


  • Thats great news donna, i hope it continues for you, i am also looking forward to the picture on friday. hope today follows you two tomorrow as well donna :)




  • Hi Bonnie wud be brilliant if it did. Picture Friday afternoon xx

  • Hi

    That's great news, hope you continue feeling this way

    Jules x

  • Thank u Jules xxx

  • Woop, woop, woop. All very positive... it's great for you. Julie xx

  • I'm looking forward to the pic too. You sound very organised so well done. I agree if we have a good day we need to count it as a blessing and hopefully soon we'll have more good than bad and sometimes even in a not good day there can be a ray of positivity.


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