Had a good cry

Had a good cry

So my anxiety as been on and off for a whole again. I fear being alone I totally hate it. One word spoke to me and I'm in tears. It's my harmones but also anxiety getting me down. It's got abit of an hold on me again and my mom dad and OH have told me to go back on my anti depressants before it gets worse. I have got to. I have been holding out about going back on them till I'm at least 36 wks pregnant but I'm not holding out any longer. Monday I'm off to the doctors definitely this time. One day I will, we all will get past anxiety and it will be a thing of the past but until then we've gotta live one day at a time and not worry about tomorrow. Xxx


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  • Hi Donna

    I am sure as well as anxiety the hormones will be having a real impact on how you feel , our bodies go through so many changes as you no

    I think its a good idea not to let this get hold & go to the GP'S & get the meds , they wouldn't let you take them if they would harm you or your baby so they will be safe & come on here & we will help you :-)

    Thinking about you




  • Thank u whywhy I'm really feeling it at the moment. They way my harmones am and the way my anxiety is. I feel down as we'll even the little flutters I feel can't make me smile. I had abit of ago at my dad who cud not stop saying sorry. My mom explained that I felt distant and wiered so he understud. I still explained it wasn't him that I'm just feeling down. Thank u for ur kind words as always xxx

  • Hi Donaf

    The sign is very apt. I know you don't like taking ad but if they help to calm you down, I understand you holding back but good luck anyway.

    Kenny xxx

  • Thanks Kenny I really do struggle with ad and any other medication. I know they will help and do me good. Even thou I felt anxiety free most the time before I shud of stayed on them abit longer. Xxx

  • Hi Donna, sorry to hear you are feeling this way, hormones will be playing a big part, at the moment, go and see the doc donna with regards to the anxiety, the ad will be ok with the baby im sure, ask doc as well, so you have peace of mind, lets have that smile back on your face ay :)



  • Hi Bonnie I'm definitely seeing doctor on Monday. I cud of gone today but with kinds not at school the little one plays up in there so be alot easyer on Monday. Xxx

  • Hi there

    Totally get where your coming from hunni:)

    It will be your hormones causing havoc, one day at a time babes and you'll get there.

    Hormones have a lot to answer for! :))

    Hope you feel better soon and I'm glad your going back to the doctors. Hugs xx

  • Hi yummimummi they r playing up really bad think at the moment they r making me feel so much worse. I'm going to take one day at a time and slowly build my self up again to be positive xxx

  • Ahh I really hope you do feel better soon it just takes time as we all know!! Xx

  • Hey keyleigh it's so hard isn't it? It's a long and rocky road but thanks to everyone on here and my family understanding it helps. Xxx

  • I believe in you just try and stay positive as much as possible we can beat this I personally don't like pills but they help me be in control ,and yeah your doctor won't give you something that will harm your baby , sincerely, Damein Lee

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