We'll done me :-)

Four nights in a row I've took my medication. Even thou I've felt anxious all wk I've still done it. Yes it's that time of month so I'm feeling anxious but I've been alright at thawatch e of month for a good few months. Other then abit of a short fuse and a few down days I haven't felt like I have this wk. Apart of me feels that it's because I wasnt taking my medication right but because I am now there getting back into me. I won't be as bad as wen I first started cause I was still taking them a few times. Well o know wat I mean anyway lol

We'll even thou I haven't a good wk I think my positiveness is coming back so that's definitely a good thing :-)

Is anyone watching that ocd programme on tv? I am recording it to watch it tomorrow as I'm watching a film called red xxx


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  • Hi donna

    I was just sat deep in thought then asking myself what do I get from been on this site , then you popped up saying "Well done me " & it made me laugh & took me from what were becoming negative thoughts

    And yes you say Well done you ,because it flipping is , I no how hard this med fear is & you are trying & doing so well a lot better than me :o

    I to have been on a very short fuse today , but now I have been out & no its done , my fuse has started getting longer again , i hate it when I am on a short fuse , I can be very hurtful , & even though its anxiety , can feel bad after

    The OCD on TV , i watched the first part last week , they all have OCD ,in certain areas , thing was when i was watching I related to them all , which made me think O no I am really bad , how the heck is anyone going to be able to help me , so rather than it worry me , I am now giving it a miss, worth looking at though




  • Glad it took u away from negative thoughts :-) I have been short fused all wk and first gets to me as I feel like a right bitch after. The slightest thing and I'm off. Glad it's passing :-)

    I didn't realise there was two parts I will have to watch part one first on catch up. . Xx

  • Same here donna

    Yes part one was last week , so you could do with watching that first , i dont no how many there is altogether if its just the two or more

    You will have to let me no what you think to it when you have watched it


  • Daft question but can I take it being on a short fuse is quite common then? I don't remember being that way much, or maybe I was & people were just too polite to say anything lol


  • My short fuse isnt the same cause as donnas short fuse , but you no what , mines another story ...read the book when it comes out :D


  • LOL, this genuinely made me laugh out loud!

    I bagsy the first copy of your book :-D

  • If any one will print it , its yours :D


  • If it has a kiss & tell about Will.I.am I'm sure someone will ;-)

  • Well it wont be for a lack of trying , when I get there on the 4th December :D , if only zzzz


  • Hi Donna,

    Yes, you're doing brilliantly! Feeling positive again is definitely a good sign :-)

    I would have liked to watch the programme about OCD but as my dd has it (though not too bad) I didn't want her to see it, thought it might give her ideas, probably not the way it works but would have been uncomfortable for her at the very least.

    Anyway, keep up with those positive thoughts :-)


  • well done you,I have 5 different meds in my cabinet,and never took one,I have a big phobia about a/ds,very bad experience in the past.I would lie to my DR and say they didn't agree with me,so he would give me another,now after doing CBT I am very honest and everyone knows now about my phobia,still havan't taken any yet though,would need someone to hold my hand,and stay with me for 4 hrs after, some hope for me.but a big WELL DONE to you.xxx

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