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ATOS Do they listen

I am terribly shy antisocial and have been on the sick for 6 mths with severe depression panic attacks.. Finally after the death of my mother whom I looked after during her final months with vascular dementia, I sought help from my Dr and have been having counselling which is slowly helping, I have also got a helper who takes me once a week to the library for a reading group .. it was hard at first but it is a little step for me. I still cant travel alone and walk most places.. I still cannot go into a crowded place without feeling that I need to run and hide. My medical reports from when I was a child say anxious child my school reports say painfully shy.

So I am not putting it on not pretending.. But atos seems to have other Ideas the Doctor was to see was Ill so I saw a Nurse I explained my fear of travelling alone meeting people and how it makes me feel how even visiting them has made me feel desolate..

Of course the say I must go on a work related scheme a bus ride away I told them I cant travel , I have to have an interview with other people and visit them regularly don't they listen? The doctor is proud of me for my baby steps and me to but I am sitting here thinking of where i will have to go meet people its all rushed.... I am 57 and never claimed a penny up untill now :( sorry to be so long but just needed to get of my chest


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I have been there.don,t fill in any forms yourself, ask Money matters or citizen advice.ask for someone to go with you to represent you....You need this support as they know how to put things across...........even a letter from your doctor and you should be ok.

They told me when asked questions you always answer compared to your worst day, not how you may feel at that moment...good are not alone


Thanks for the reply :) I am going to ask my daughter to take me to the first meeting and to tell them that I need local centres .. It's all confusing and wearing ..


Dear Hattiemai, I too have been where you are and am of much the same age. Anxiety made me so ill last time I had to go to an interview with the job centre that the gentleman that was dealing with my case told me I could have any future interviews by phone. They are allowed to use their discretion and I am sure Stde is right. Ring the CAB for an appointment and they will help you fill in your forms and let you know what you can claim. Personally I know I won't be able to work again but feel I have done my fair share and who the hell would employ me anyway??? not much chance of that. I am sure the job centre are aware of that as well. In fact ask them for a phone interview or a home visit. They have no idea how much this affects people with anxiety. Please try not to worry, the CAB will have a way round it. They can't force you to do anything and I am glad you have your daughter to help you too

Take care lovie Lots of Love x Ella x


HI, atos caused me nothing but more anxiety and stress funny enough, thay are suppost to help! when i got my report back i fell to the floor.......i dont know who she was interviewing but it wasnt me! i appealed and won, dont let them bully you. x


Thank you for all your helpful words :) I have not heard from Atos but the job centre lady said you do know your claim has been denied (no) she said I could appeal and was sorry that I would have to go for meeting miles away when Atos know I cannot travel alone.

Citizens advice say to gather all my information from the doctor and mental health then when I hear from Atos they will help me with form filing.. I am really trying to make little steps but bus travel on my own or walking into a crowded room alone is a long way off... :(

I am now breathless and cant sleep am tired .


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