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Persistent Headaches in my head from 1 and a half month .Need some help? Please :(

I am a male and i am 22 years old .The first i felt this headache was on 8th july when i was riding my bike i felt like a little aches while riding . Then on 10th of july i was playing cricket as i was playing i throwed the ball hard and i felt severe pain in the back of my head ..then I thought it would go on by itself but it didn't..i t became more severe with time . I went to my gp who told me to for an x ray and then after that he gave me some medication and a collar ..but still the pain was there and undoubtedly i had no problem of spine i guess ..but after that my pain decreased and sometimes became worse ...them i went to many doctors .some told its migraine some thought tension ,anxiety .but how can pain be constant ..and that too in variation from two months almost .sometimes mild ,moderate and maybe sometimes severe ...then i went to hospital where a doctor told me to go for a ct scan and thus the report was normal . And yet still they cant say where this pain is coming from . A doctor of hospital said that you maybe having a functional headache . Right now i have a pressure in my head always in the back of my head sometimes on the left back sometimes right back .. and even from the sides ...i have no nausea no vomiting or any other issue except this headache .i am totally confused and depressed ...Can any one tell what is my problem...Am i going to die? 😐☹️☹️

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Hi Aamir147147

Having a headache for 6 weeks is scary. I do know that there's no such thing as a headache without a cause. Headaches are usually divided into two groups: muscular and vascular

I have a link to an article which describes 17 types of headaches, has a slideshow and a quiz medicinenet.com/headache/ar...

My second link refers when to seek emergency care and when to see a doctor


Most of us are not qualified to give you a diagnosis, so if your headaches persist see your doctor.

With the information from the links and your history, your doctor should be able to help.


Read my post on my page . Mine is still going . Anxiety can be cruel in so many ways . And even when we tell ourselves that we aren't anxious , you are deep down for just telling yourself that . I recommend getting an MRI , it is much more detailed than a ct scan . Mine came back normal . Hang in there , pray . You'll be fine


Im feeling like you may be worried so much that the pain is their because of that. Sometimes we have so much fear and anxiety over things that they manifest into physical pain. Health anxiety. This actually happened to me, mine lasted 2 and a half months, and soon after I had my scan and STARTED DRINKING A GALLON OF WATER a day, the weird ass Headaches disappeared


Have you heard of babesia? It is a co-infection of Lymes and the main symptom is a headache that nothing can help go away..... it’s basically a parasite that is in your blood and depletes you iron. You also don’t get stomach issues with it. I have it and the only symptom I had really was the headache which is getting better now ( I had a headache since last August) but one of the best things you can do is take things such as b vitamins, molasses, drink chlorophyll, eat well, and also taking an herb called sida Acuta. I’ve tried taking the malaria antibiotics ( it’s similar to it) but they really don’t help it at all and have me reactions.... surprisingly many people have it and they never find out that they do have it.....so maybe you could get tested for it??


And one thing i want to tell you guys that my pain does not remain on the same spot .. it just goes from back to sides from left to right .even i feel like my left face including nose and ear becomes numb ...


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