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They Can Always Find Someone Better

Today I called out of work because I always have this feeling like I'm too much of a burden but people tell me I'm not. But I feel so that I am.

I don't know why I feel that way. I tend to leave people alone or do things apart from them because I don't want to feel like I'm a weight on their shoulders.

I mean it bothers me that I feel that way, but not really, because I felt that way about people for so long that I don't care.

And this goes for all my relationships with people. I feel like they can always do better. I think they're dumb for wanting me. I also think it was dumb for my mom to give birth to me but its too late to change that now.

I don't live and I don't mind it sometimes. You can't necessarily miss what you never had.

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At work it probably should be different and we are expected to work as a team. I try not to let my personal feelings distract me when I'm around colleagues. I made a mistake recently and caused a right issue because I was being treated differently and ignored. But we have sorted it out and get along now. Perhaps try to have a heartfelt talk with colleagues in a quite room. My family are another issue, they are not understanding with my anxiety and depression. Feels tho I'm just here for them not my own needs.


How dare you disrespect yourself in this way Pwayman22? You are a man and like all people you were given gifts of ability and character to help you make your way in the world. You are as important as everybody else but somehow you have gained this false idea that everybody is better than you. They're not, it's absolutely not true and you should start counting your blessings and acknowledge your achievements.

You wouldn't have been given your job if your bosses thought you would be a burden. You should engage with people at your work and elsewhere, once you get to know them you will soon recognise you are no weight on anyone's shoulders, they need you as much as you need them.

It really is time to start holding your head high and look the world in the eyes and put all this low esteem behind you.


Thank you for the beautiful words Jeff. It's just hard to see yourself as important when you've never seen yourself as so. But I will try.

Lol and unfortunately I'm a woman. The confusion actually brought a smile to my face haha. Thanks again.

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Hi ActionChaz, are you a night bird?

How are you doing?


Oh I'm in Chicago...for some reason I always thought you were in the UK...hey this is neat, now I know what times I can reach you :)


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