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Pregnant and Anxiety through the roof

Hey guys.. I a pregnant with my third child. However this go around my anxiety is so bad... I cant even sleep. I have read and seen articles about women dying during or hours after child birth. I am terrified to give birth. Im scared im going to dye after having my baby and leaving my other 2 who im inseparable from. Im so scared. I have never been so terrified in my life of something bad happening... please help me, calm me, anything... This momma is scared to death

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You're going to be just fine, you're not going anywhere from your babies, it's anxiety lying to you. Technology and modern medicines are so advanced now, you have nothing to worry about. Don't let this anxiety take away the joy of this 3rd pregnancy. Try your best to enjoy it, knowing that you're going to be just fine, having a happy healthy pregnancy, delivery and baby 💕


Thank you for the sweet comment. Your right. I had to get off my celexa when falling pregnant and im having to relearn life with health anxiety

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Oh sure you're welcome, If anyone understands health anxiety, it's me 😩And probably 98% of all of us in this community smh.. but it's good that you're apart of this community so we can be here at your moments of weakness to pick you back up and help you continue to enjoy your 3rd blessing 🌸


Hi see if you can get some counselling to help you through. CBT would be great and even try some Mindfullness books. Everything was fine with your first 2 so there is no reason for anything to go wrong this time round. Relax and try to think about the things you enjoy about being pregnant and about being a mum xx


I am waiting as we soeak for the therapistto set my appt. Up. Thank you so much


Good luck x


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