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what do anxiety sufferers do on a weekend?


I work from Monday to Friday and don't know what to do over the weekend? my manager keep asking me what did you do over the weekend and I feel like stupid when I say haven't done anything, just relaxing. from one hand I need to relax as i travel to london every day but ti do envy people who go out partying and having fun, my life seems sooo boring and didn't laugh from my heart for a very long time!!! i am fed up from sitting at home, from the other hand no one wants to go out with me and listen to me compalning about anxiety!!!

maybe we should all organize a trip to Greece (one of the islands) and go :) what do you think people :) i thnk we would be able ot tolorate each other knowing what we all going through!!!!!!

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Greece sounds nice, but i'm not too good with planes or airports!

Monday morning at work is hard for me, i don't do much at weekends or see many people. Other peoples lives seem more exciting.

I like reading and drawing, but it would be good to have a day trip somewhere if i could keep the anxiety under control. I'd love to visit the British Museum again but the thought of the train and tube journeys is too much at the moment.

ROURI you are funny you are keeping everyones spirits up x

HI i used to feel like that when i was a pa in an office, everyone would talk about the weekend and i used to have to try and make myself sound busy, its not like i could turn round and say morning all i did nothing over the weekend as i have no social life becouse of my social anxiety......anyone want tea. i would have been totally laughed at or pitty and i didnt want either so i ended up getting a weekend job cos sitting at home was making me depressed.

:) thank you lovely people :) am only trying, you lift up my spirit as well.

SCRIBLER i am not good with planes either but I force myself and always make it. did you know that anxiety sufferers tend to be more creative than others :) that is really nice that you draw, there are far too many people at the museum but you can make it, why don't you ask someone to go with you if you don't like being on your own!! no one will be looking at you remember that, everyone is busy checking and exploring the area :)

milo you have a funny good spirit as well and soon you will feel better

sam1981 honey it will get better, i try to make up some stuff sometimes, what can i do!!

scribbler in reply to rouri

Thanks Rouri, you really are a wise head!

hello.... if the sun is shining at the weekend I like to sit on my deck listen to my ipod and have both dogs by my feet .

I used to hate weekends, but now I love them! Sleep in, brunch, clean a bit, cat wrangling, nice man, BED

I do nothing at the weekends,but hope to get my life back on track and start socialising.

Gardening is a good one -calms you down, no one stressing you out with deadlines like at work.

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