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faced the fear :-)

hi all, I took my anti depressant today, about 5ish. didn't have no fear today but sumtimes there isn't and I like them days. even thou ive made about 15 fone calls today as ive not sent my youngest son to school. hes seven and got speech problems, and ive been waiting for a statement for him to get him in a school that can help him and meet his needs. he cryed his eyes up last nite saying he doesn't want to go to school because he got no friends. i think he as but he wont play with anyone because he cant communicate with the other children, and hes realiseing he cant so he spends his time on his own. after foning the school, the centre and the eduacational part of the council, i found out today that they was telling me that there was a statement being put in place, well there hasn't, so ive gone on so much today that finally hes getting accessed next wk. ive got an appointment with the head teacher on Thursday. my questions r y is he still going to the school wen last yrs teacher said there no more they can teach him? how far behind is he? and y haven't they pushed for this statement? im furious with them and the rest of them. if i don't fight for his rights who will? i am even thinking of teaching him at home until the statement sorted out and he can go to another school for his needs. hes had speech theopists and is still being seen by them. i want answers its gone on way to long now. im gonna stop ranting now xxx

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You rant donaf , you have every right to !

had something simular when my son was at school , he didnt have the problems like your son , but needed support . they were rubbish , but I didnt give in either

I cant remember what they were called phoned them out the phone book by chance but they assist when you are having problems with schools & step in , wish I could remember what they were called

Can you take some one with you , independant would be better , get them to take notes as to what is said , I did , & to be honest it was a good job I did , because when it was over later they started to say they didnt say this & that , but I had prove they did !!! that brought them down , it does annoy me , as I no my son could have done so much better if they had done what they should have done

It made him quite at school as well but ,,,, good news is once he left he knew what he wanted to do went to college & he is a different lad now , infact he is the top of the group !!!! always the bottom at school , now he gets nothing but top marks , they even built his confidence as well , i hope this gives you some hope for the future

And well done you keeping with the tabs , you are a star , you are back on track again

Look out for you tomorrow again


whywhy xxx


ps my son has bumped into his teachers from school since he left , & when he tells them what he has done since leaving , they have the cheek to say "we knew you would do well " ha ! thats not what they used to say to him !!!


it does give me hope that they can actually come out on top. I cant wait till hes finally got his statement at least then he will b at a school that will help him more one on one. his friend since nursery left that school after Christmas, and he used to help ben communicate with the other kids. now hes alone and got no one to help him. I feel so much for him, I wished the school had been more help but they haven't been at all. im getting there now, and hopefully I can take one everyday. xxx



Your son is lucky to have a mum like you , one that will fight for him to get him the best & you will , you are strong & we will support you

Your son will make new friends believe me things will turn round , its a bit like anxiety in some ways it can take a while , but he is still young & you have caught it well in enough time for the future

I love mums like you , I am the same whenever its my kids , normally i wont say anything to no one , unless its my kids involved & then wow someone else takes over because I wont give in till I no I have done all I can , you sound the same & you will do this & get a good result

I no about feeling the pain for them its awful , but remember this is going to be sorted , he maybe dealing with this better than you ,

Lots of love & cuddles , thats what gets them through & I no he will be getting plenty from you

You go Girl lol dont let them get away with it !


whywhy xxx


Donaf i hope all works out with you little boy at school please let us know how it is going for you over the next few days. x




Go for it Donaf! your little boy sounds delightful and also sounds as if he is missing his friend badly. Has the friend moved out of the area? might be worth trying to keep in touch with him so your little one can still have him as a friend. We do miss our friends when suddenly they are not there. Well done on taking the pill too ! I think you got through loads of things today and you should be very proud of yourself :) Lots of Love x Ella x


he as used moved to another school, but I am going to message his mom to c if he can come round one this wkend or nxt will do my ben some good to c him again. I feel a wait as been lifted off me, as ive had nothing but fone calls today. the main one being of a parent thing where they advise u. if my talk with his headteacher doesn't seem to answer any of my questions, then I can book another meeting and someone from this place will come with me on the next one. I wont be leaving that school till ive got my questions answered thou. I hate being pushy but these days u have to be to get the help u need xxx


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