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Well i have had my first chat with a councellor so thought i would share, she was a very nice lady and sadly our chat was very brief but i felt it helped shift some weight as i will put it. Not to confuse this is not the councellor i am scheduled to see in a few weeks this is my sons diabetic physcologist who it happens is a ex anexity therapsit so it worked out well when she came to visit and said she could help. We mainly touched on my past and wether it was because i felt ready to tell someone finally but it sort of came out in a flood of tears that people in the past (stepfathers) have treat me badly very badly this topped with 2 of my children being ill one almost dyin and havin a bone marrow transplant and my 2 grandparents dyin within a year of each other have sort of overloaded my stress bank and im verged on breadown. She told me i was stronger than i thought because i wasnt down and wasnt giving in by merley being here now. I just need to learnt to park my crap as she out it and not let it download me. so i have started a diary and everyday i will park my crap and thats it page turned that day s gone cannot be repeated hopefully learning why i feel stressed will help me realise anexity is not going ot win if i dont let t, so itstime to stop being a recluse i have a life and im not going to waste it:) xx

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Good on you donver , thats positive thinking , & I think you are strong as well you are here and not giving up , infact it sounds like you are ready to move forward & putting things in place to help , so well done you !

Please keep us posted how this goes


whywhy xxx


a great step forward donver!


sandra. :)


EThat's brilliant donver I too found talking with my therapist a great relieg and really helps explore causes and possible coping strategies. Like you, I'm trying to keep a diary to gauge feslings and negative thoughts to try and turn this round. I like that expression park yr craps btw


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