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Feel alone. I need someone to talk to.

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Hey, I find it hard to open up so I just want to ramble on here even if no one replies.

I'm an 18 year old college student and I have spent the past two hours searching for cheap therapy or counselling. Everything is expensive though and even my college's counselling is hard to make an appointment for so yeah.

I am experiencing a lot of anxiety and intrusive thoughts right now. Everything is heavy. Everything is much worse in my head than it is in reality. I'm an introvert and I'm very emotional. I prefer to just laugh and keep myself busy than talk about my feelings. I'm also someone that seems very positive. I often feel lonely even when I'm with friends and i have very few friends too because a lot of people don't get me. The friends I do have are very social and have other people to talk to which makes me feel like a loser to be honest.

I usually like being alone but now I just feel like I'm my only friend. I don't want to talk to them about it though.

What do I do?

I'm so lost. I feel like I'm weird and out of place. I'm so anxious.

Thank you for reading! I'm just trying trying to get help and to open more because it's hard dealing this by myself!

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Hi you're not alone, but you've come to a good place where people will be able to reply and help you too ~

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Thank you for the welcome!

Hey, you're not weird! Counselling is extremely expensive and that is so unfair. Fortunately, on this website there are so many people willing to talk to you and help you out in as many ways as they can.

I have experienced the exact feelings as you so you must know that you are not alone.

Please do message me if you want to talk

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Wow thank you! And you too. This website seems really trustworthy tbh and it's free!

You did the right thing by coming here! :-) Just keep writing to this group till u feel better. You are your own best friend.

I am happy that you are looking for counseling.And you can always go to th ER. My cell is dying now.

Keep coming back and *stay strong*


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Thank you so much

Coming here was a good call to make :) This forum makes you not feel as alone. And I know how it can feel when you think that your friends don't like you. And let me be the first one to tell you that it's absolutely not true. Anxiety has a tendency to make us feel that way. After I started to talk about my anxiety with more people, I've come to realize that there are so many people who have the same struggle. Keep your chin up and never be afraid to talk to any of us about anything.


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Thank you so much. That was actually really comforting. This website seems great.

I know it doesn't feel too good. But you ARE NOT alone. Not at all! 😙😙😇😇🤗🤗and guess what, sometimes we are our own, most best friend in the world!! Love yourself! And two places I found a type of therapy for free that actually helped me was church programs and AA. I know it sounds strange but it truly helped connecting with people who are facing fears and struggles. Check out church programs. This website though truly is changing my life so let it change yours too. 😊😚

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Thank you for your compassion and advice. I might check it out, this website is helping a lot though.

I grew up feeling the same way. Never did feel like I fit in. Like I was born in the wrong era. I've never outgrown it, but I deal with it better. Allow me to guess? Can you, feel other people's emotions?

Welcome :)

You've found a great place to open up because you are surrounded by like minded individuals who can relate. College, believe or not, can be rough for people feeling lost. I know that was something I struggled with. I also found it difficult to utilize on campus therapy resources because they were always busy (and temporary).

It's most important to know that you're not alone and there are people who will listen.

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