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Is there somewhere I can talk to someone?



I am at desperation point. Last night as usual I came over sick and shaky while in the kitchen again. Way he'd a movie then dozed on the sofa, when I woke I felt awful, shivery, muscle and jaw pain, trembling, nausea, lightheaded, my ears ring all the time, can't get my breath, feel like I'm going pass out. I had a terrible night and woke this morning pretty mu h the same, not so intense though.

I have these symptoms every day at random times, and I am I able to cope anymore.

I have had loads of tests done including a brain scan, so I know it's nothing physical. I have seen a counsellor and tried pills all to no avail.

I think if I could talk to someone who had been or is feeling the same it might help me, but I have no one to talk to. Does anyone know of anywhere? I just can't go on like this anymore, my life is just an existence!

Thank you

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You are more than welcome to talk to me! I get that way every now and then and it is def scary.

Funkyfaerie in reply to BJayy7

Hi BJayy7,

Thank you for replying. I would love to chat to you.

Can you tell me what your symptoms are?

If you read my reply to chilout below you will read a bit more about me....I forgot to mention that I also clench my jaw a lot, and I seem to swallow a lot of air, aerophagia, I think they call it.

I think if I were to know exactly how another person felt, I might feel reassured.

Thank you xx

BJayy7 in reply to Funkyfaerie

Yes! I clench my jaw quite a bit and it causes so much facial, jaw, and neck pain. I also get a little.bit light headed and my vision will blur. I dont like it at all! It scares me so much. I feel so much pressure in my neck and throat and it's to where I feel like I cant breathe. I'll stay shakey for hours after it happens. I just always have bad vibes after one comes along. I try to keep my mind occupied and get up and move around.

Hi, I know exactly how you feeling. I was like this when all my anxiety and pannic attacks started. I felt so bad I prayed every night before sleep that I do not wake up in the morning.

I have been fighting with it for 7years now and it is much better. I still have worse days but mostly I'm fine, somethimes even amazing 😀 i learned a lot about anxiety through this journey and it is not so scary for me any more.

Are you taking any medication?

How long have you been feeling like this?

Do not worry, you are going to be better for sure. Just be strong now and try to research your enemy ( anxiety). The more you know about it the better. You can start with Dr.Claire weeks. Good luck

Funkyfaerie in reply to Chilout

Hi Chilout,

Thank you for replying.

I have been like this about 5 years now, not as bad as I am right now though. It seemed to creep up on me whilst working away, started with stress head aches and got progressively worse, I gave up my job 18 months ago, but seem to have got worse, as now I am so afraid of these attacks.

I can be sitting watching TV when I start to feel funny, sick , churning stomach, lightheaded, shaky, chills (that's a new one!) Can't get my breath, fidgety as I don't know what to do with myself, feel out of control, like I'm going to pass out or explode! I really cannot face anymore of it, I hate going to bed as I dread the mornings, I wake with a shock, shaking and feeling sick.

Medication wise, I cope as best I can with the odd diazepam and an anti nausea tablet. I'm not one for drug's! Unless you can recommend anything?

My life is becoming, just an existence, as I now don't want to go out in case I have a turn...So I feel on the brink of getting g depressed about it all.

Sorry such a long reply.


Chilout in reply to Funkyfaerie

I used to have all your symptoms I absolutely could not function. At that point I would do anything to feel better. When my doctor suggested SSRI I went for it. I was taking Seroxat and it did really helped a lot. I felt normal and happy again. But then I got pregnant and had to stop with medication and that was just terrible and 100%worse then the initial problem. I don't know if I would recommend this medication. It really helped me on one side but after my experience while tapering ...if I could go back at time I would not take the medication. But that is only my opinion. I know there is more effective and less addictive way to get better.

Wishing you calm night.

Funkyfaerie in reply to Chilout

Chilout, what is an ssri?

The drjhd you took sound perfect, but you're right not much good if you go Down when you come off them, And who wants to stay on drugs forever?! X

Chilout in reply to Funkyfaerie

SSRI is short for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It is supposed to be new kind of antidepressants. That what I was taking.

Funkyfaerie in reply to Chilout

I also get terrific muscle tension and jaw clenching and seem to swallow a lot of air, aerophagia I think they call it!

Think I need shooting 😂

Find an Anxiety Dr , to get some understanding of what’s going on !


It's so hard to find an anxiety doctor. I have a GP who does her best. And a counsellor who is nice too. But I don't think you really understand I less you've been there and got the T Shirt so to speak. That's why I find this site so helpful. X

I have had an anxiety disorder for almost 9 years. It all started 1 week after coming off Klonopin the dr gave me for sleep. I have waves of exactly what you describe. There are forums with thousands of people who suffer daily after withdrawing from benzodiazepines. Why go off them? Because after awhile some develop worse side effects than the original worry or anxiety.

Hi Cibolagirl,

Thanks for your reply.

I think the worst thing for me is the sickly muscle pain that creeps up, makes me make as I then feel slightly nauseous, then I panic more.

One other thing that is horrible is, when I am able to force myself to go out with my husband or a friend, it sounds crazy, but I can't stand still and talk to someone, or stand and wait for anything in a shop for example. I just feel lightheaded and woozy, then the dreaded panic creeps in and I have to get away.

I also sometimes get an upset stomach with the fear too.

What a mess eh?

How have you coped? X

I see this post is a month old, just wondering at any time b4 all this started if you took any antibiotics, like levaquin or cipro? It would def explain a lot!! I hope you're feeling better!

No, not taken any antibiotics.

Obviously didn't feel right one day and got my self into a state about it. And now it has built up and up and I am stuck in a rut!

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