Talk about thrown in at the deep end!

After my referral for cbt I have had a phone call today from the mental health team. I had an over the phone assessment and they told me I'm on a waiting list. Before this they asked if I was interested in going to a Stress Control Group. I said I may be but a bit nervous about being with other people.

So the guy basically took this as a yes, and said they'll assess me after this 4 week course. Then I'll have cbt.

Then I have a phone call to say it's TONIGHT! S**t!

I want to go because I think it will help but omg no time to think about it!


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  • Hi Loo

    I can understand your sheer fear & yes it sounds like you have been thrown in at the deep end , but what my daughter always says about me is that she wishes & thinks it would be better for if I didnt have to much warning when things are coming up as she thinks my anxiety gets worse & to be honest I do think she has a point :o

    Maybe as I some times think every thing happens for a reason this might be the case for you , least warning less time to get worked up

    I would go & see how you find it , if you really dont think after you have been its for you at the moment you have the right & can contact MH & tell them , but on the other hand you might come back & find it has done you the world of good & I hope its the latter

    Let us no how you go on & good luck :)




  • Hey whywhy, I'm thinking your right, less time to work myself up is definitely a good thing! I'm just going to go, and see what happens.

    I'm dreading turning up though and seeing someone I know argh! Oh well we shall see!

    Hope your ok. Xx

  • Remember if you see someone you no , they are there for the same reason as you ;)

    look forward to hearing how it goes :)


  • It was good. I didn't know anyone but can't believe how many people were there. Bit gutting as can't go next week because of work. Think it's definitely worth a shot if people get the chance xx

  • Loo

    I am so pleased you went & have come away feeling so positive , well done as well , such short notice , but you did it :)


  • Thanks xxx

  • I did a very similar course, have a look to see if its based on the Glasgow steps. I thought it was a good course go if you can xxxx

  • Hey Winter, saw the cakes this morning, FAB! (Just in case you didn't see my reply :) )

    Sorry LooLoo


  • I did see your reply and thank you xx

  • Good & you're very welcome


  • Hey winter I know it was started by by a Scottish psychiatrist? (I think that's right?) It's a 4 week course on how to help yourself with stress/anxiety/depression. Xx

  • Yes that's the one, I've done it to, I got a cd with relaxation on it did you get it to? I use it every evening to help me relax.

    It's by a bloke called Dr Jim White and the course is based on The Glasgow Steps.

    I hope you some help from it xxx

  • Yes that's the man, and yes I've got the disc. Do you find the disc helpful. I am in Wales and apparently it's not long been here but been all around the country with success xx

  • I do now, I've had the disc for a few years and never really used it. This time though I've had it told to me time and time again to use the relaxation. I've put it onto my iPod and I listen to the quick relaxation when I'm in bed and it has really helped, I still haven't got into the routine of listening to it in the morning!

    I was told to concentrate on the quick relaxation first when I had got the mist of that then move on to the deep relaxation. It also took a little while before I started to relax properly.

    I'm in the East Midlands and it haven't been here long either xxx

  • I could never do mornings anyway with the children climbing up my legs ha. Night time is the only time I'll have a chance to do it. Glad your finding it a help though :-) xx

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