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Spoken to my counsellor


I've spoken to my counsellor over the phone for a hour and 15 mins as a assessment. All I can say he's a lovely guy and really understanding person.

He asked me lots and lots of questions such as my past & presents. He said my anxiety was do with my past, health, being rejected, unsupportive and seeking reassure. He said he will do talk therapy, CBT with how to change good thoughts and help me to plan what things I need to do like exercise and etc. basically I'm on my own at most of time when my husband go on night shift or working away for 4 nights, his mum never visit me for a cup of tea, or text ask how I was, she knew I've got anxiety and having a difficult time of not getting pregnant but not support me? It's what bring my anxiety more and being rejected if I ask for reassure as she would say stop it, if you carry on people won't like you (that's what made me rejected and make me feel unloved, unsupportive and make my anxiety worse but she should know better that ive no parents (both passed away), my family live miles and miles away from me, no brother & sister but she had a depression years ago and took anti depressant tablets, thought she would understand me but no....

So he say once this counselling for my anxiety finished he will refer me and husband to a couples therapy because my husband really don't understand my anxiety, he would snap at me and say you need stop thinking or your pariond, or ask for reassure he will get fed up with me, all I want him to be supportive, listen, don't snap at me, if I'm in not mood and he would say why ur moody? He should of know better why and don't help me to think postive things so glad I told him everything and he said it will help my husband to understand more and change things to make marriage better and my anxiety too.

He said he won't give me anti depressant tablets as he think I'm better without it as can tackle it naturally with help from counselling and carry on taking vitamins, eat fruits & vegs, exercise and drinking naturally free caffeine herbal teas. Did explained him I don't want take them at all regarding side effects, maybe causing anxiety worse etc, he agreed and told me to solve it by tackle it with positive thoughts, sort out seeking reassure issues and talk therapy every 2 weeks. It's different for people who got depression they would need tablets but I don't have depression only focus on physical signs and seeking reassure because I'm on my own most of times, he said reassure is a good relief but not last longer that's what is my problem and I trapped in cycles. Will see him on 28th face to face 1st session as assessment is finished by over the phone.

Start feeling bit better today.


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Brilliant Minnie ...This is great news ...: ) I'm sure as time goes on things will get lots better for you as you understand more what's happeneing.

Your Mother in Law sounds so selfish !! But, even so, perhaps it's better for you you have found a good counsellor instead of hoping she would help. Maybe one day she will need counselling and then maybe she will turn to you for help.

Have a good day, Vince : )


Oh, Minnie, that' brilliant news - I'm SO pleased for you, my sweet! He sounds lovely and I'm sure he'll help you loads! It's great he agrees with you about not going on pills, cos I know that's difficult with your health anxiety, dealing with it with talking, diet and vitamins sounds a really great idea!

I do think your mother in law is very selfish - she's also very silly, because she obviously doesn't know what a wonderful daughter in law she has, so it's her loss, not yours, my love! Sometimes, when people have had Mental illness, they want to help other people - unfortunately, others want to forget about it as quickly as possible and don't want to "know" about it, if you understand me. Maybe she's like that. But,as I say, it's her loss - I'd feel proud and grateful if you were my daughter in law, my sweet!

Really brilliant news, hun, glad you're feeling better because of it, DO keep us posted on how it goes, we'll all be expecting regular up dates ;)

lots of love, my sweet, and good luck.

Made my day! :-D




Jolly good luck, Minnie. You are making a real effort and I admire your courage. If you have found someone who understands then you are truly blessed. Love. jonathan.


Yes darling that is great news for you and for all of us on here too! It is lovely when there is a post with such a positive vibe to it! Lots of Love and Hugs x Ella x


Hi Minnie

Glad your over the phone call went well, and hopefully will make you feel more at ease.

I afraid to say "normal ones" can be selfish when it comes to others. Everyone seems so wrapped up in themselves. I must say if my OH didnt have anxiety, i would still be ignorant to others with it. At least now i have a better understanding of it, and will always be more aware of someone is feeling who are dealing with it. Lou xx


Thrilled for you Minnie , that is brilliant !!!!!

I can see things getting brighter & brighter & what a better person than you for this to happen to :-)

Dont worry about your mum in law

You are thought the world of on here , you are one of the sweetest people I have ever spoken to & like rose says " I would be thrilled to have a daughter in law like you "

Look forward to watching your progress :-)

Love & hugs

whywhy xxx


Aww thank you all for such lovely comments!!! If I can do it then you all CAN do it!!!!!!! :-)

Since Xmas its my first time to do the full housework from top to bottom of house and haven't feel the anxiety much now so finger crossed!! My husband is taking me to cinema & nando tomorrow as a treat but let hope snow won't cause too much trouble! If it is then we can always have a cosy night in with DVD and popcorn!! ;-)

Sending you all big loves & kiss!! Xxxxxxx


Hugs & kisses Minnie

When you think no one cares & understands , just look on here , we are all looking out for you :-)

whywhy xxx


Yes that's true honey!! Couldn't do it without you all!!! :-) xxxxxx


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