Hard to believe doctors

I have been to eye doctor twice for upper eyelid quiver and they check out fine. And neurologist 2 times for little twitches in different parts of my body . I was worried ALS , MS, PARKINSONS, etc... he tried to reassure me that I do not have Parkinson's or ms. He said he does not diagnose ALS but is 1000% that an ALS NEUROLOGIST would say the same thing. Should I believe him ? Since I still get little twitches in different part of body? They come and go . I've been so nervous.


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  • Hello

    Why should you not believe him , he is the Doctor that is qualified in this field , so if he does not know who does :-)

    I used to be just the same as you no matter what Doctor told me everything was ok I would come home and not believe them , till a friend asked why I kept going if it was not helping if I did not trust them , I was slightly annoyed when they said that to me but when I sat and thought about it , it did make sense :-)

    I get twitches in my eye , very annoying and I get them in other places , little nerves that's all , I think I worry what it looks like when it happens because it feels worse than you can see them when you look

    Be reassured , you have been checked out by the medical profession and I am sure as it would be more than their job was worth they would not tell you that everything was fine if it wasn't :-)

    Take Care x

  • I think what makes me worry about it and have the doctor dismiss me because it never does it when I'm in the office

  • Hello

    I think this in most cases , once we are at the Doctors nothing happens what we are describing while we are actually there but they are trained to listen to our symptoms and know if anything sounds like it needs investigating further and would refer us if they thought they did but if you feel as someone has said you do want a second opinion tell them you would like referring , if you request you do then they should refer you :-) x

  • Lynl, what lulu-1 has written is very good advice, I suggest you would benefit from re-reading it over the next few days. Your doctor doesn't seem to have dismissed you as you have been referred to two specialists who you have both seen twice. In your heart I suspect you know these symptoms are all anxiety based so I suggest you turn your attention from these meaningless blips in your nervous system and address the root cause of anxiety. Your sensitised nerves can recover if you give them a chance and just accept these twitches without fearing them and continually thrashing your nervous system.

  • Hi Lynn. I too have eyelid twitching. When I addressed it with my doctor, I was told that it's stress related. While I do believe that doctors can and do misdiagnose, they know better than we do when it comes stuff like this.

    Get a second opinion just to make sure everything is ok.

  • I've had 3 opinions so I better cool it

  • I have had an eye kid twitch for what feels like 3 weeks now! It's so annoying! I keep wondering if I should go to see someone about it but I'm sure they will say it's stress related. It has to go away eventually right? :)

    And I would trust what the doctors are telling you.

  • The eye twitches been for two months on me ,, and little other twitches in different parts of my body once in while

  • The eyelid quiver they said is stress but I have dry eyes so I have drops. But I'm trying to go with the neurologist advice and take my citalopram

  • I get twitches all the time. Just another random anxiety symptoms the less attention i give the the less they happen

  • I know, I feel like I wait for a weird feeling

  • My hands shake as well so I'd stare at them until they shake . Ofcourse their going to. I started with twitches in my eye now it's my back and everywhere I just have to laugh . It's the weirdest thing. One thing that helps is Making sure I get sleep and I drink at least 2L of water , magnesium supplement . They happen more so when iv not slept and drink caffeine all day to stay awake typical

  • I have pretty much stopped caffiene and I did start calcium with magnesium. I drink a lot of water and started working out . I do what you do too, staring at body parts to see if they move or anything odd.

  • Hi Lynl, I have absolutely no idea if this would help you but thought I,d mention it. My sister suffers from twitches particularly in her eyes. She swears by quinine and drinks a small bottle of it and tonic water every night, works a treat. Also stopped her restless legs. I think as well as quinine and tonic water you can buy quinine tablets from any chemist. There is a fair bit on line if you want to look into it, just type in quinine and twitches to your search engine. X

  • I have heard about that . I started magnesium, I will get some tonic. It's been calming down. Between the eye drops and new glasses and citalopram. It's a combination cocktail. Lol

  • Get some high quality minerals. See what happens after few days.

  • What type of minerals?

  • Something that many people find helpful for twitches is taking a magnesium supplement. You might want to look into it, there are different forms, most of which you can get at a vitamin shop. Google eye twitches and magnesium and see what you find. :)

  • I have started taking that

  • Take high quality multi mineral formula. Don't get something cheap. Read reviews. You will easily find it on Amazon. Whatever your deficiency, your body will know which one(s) you need. Of course, best would be to juice highest quality vegetables and leafy greens such as kale, chards, beets, carrots, parlsey, cilantro, cucumbers, etc. daily.

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