Feeling let down

As you know I've got health anxiety for a while and been waiting for CBT counselling since 3rd dec and will see him this Thursday but got the letter and said its over the telephone appointment, I was so angry especially I'm deaf so contacted him and explained him that talking over the phone is not a good idea as I need to talk by face to face. Felt let down big time especially I'm feeling bit anxious for a while and looking forward to get help but now he texted me and said its on 28th January, other 2 week of waiting again as he need to book me a British signing language interpreter. He knew I was deaf as I wrote on the form and asked for a interpreter! So fuming now! :-( :-(


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  • O Minnie

    Bless you as always , i feel for you & can imagine how you feel

    Try not to take it personally , i think half the time they dont read these forms we all fill in , just make appointments & send them out !

    Meanwhile you are so loved on this site , you will have to put up with us till then lol , but believe me , I no it doesnt feel like it at the moment as you have just got let down , but before you no it the 28th will be here !!!

    We are all here for you Minnie :-)

    whywhy xxx

  • Thank you, just don't like to be let down. Let hope I will be okay with anxiety for next 2 weeks and he just texted me he will want to assessment me over the phone on this Thursday then see me face to face for a counselling session on 28th and do it every 2 weeks. I won't be leaving this site at all :-) you all people are so lovely!!

    will see GP about my cough at 5pm and will let you know xxxx

  • None of us like been let down Minnie , especially with things like this , it gets us twice as hard

    I always try to believe there is always a reason , even though we dont always see it straight away , but may be later on down the line we might

    Well hope its by TX that they are doing the assessment , because again they cant do it over the phone ?

    i am sure everything will be fine when you go to the GP & I really hope it will put your mind at rest , once they tell you your chest is fine , which I am sure it will be , but yes please let us no how you go on

    If its any help , had this cold 3 weeks thought it was getting better yet today it seems to be back !! just think its how it is :-(

    Go careful if there is some snow , will be thinking about you

    whywhy xxx

  • Thank you, just got back from GP and the dr said I got viral infection, should heal in next 7-10 days but sometime it can last longer and reassured me no chance of lung cancer. Gave me codeine litnus syrup for cough.

    Bought myself a oil drop "anxiety blend" in hot bath and its called manor grove- brand! Check it out on Internet??

    Hope ur cold will heal quickly soon! Big hugs xxxxxx

  • Oh Minnie that so dissapointing. I bet you're speaking to the same people i was! Heres my experience if its of any interest...

    Referral - 10th Oct. I did a self referral (i was told by my GP its actually quicker than them referring me as it avoids the 'middle man'). I got an auto response saying somone would be in touch with me within 7 days, well that week came and went! I waited a few more days then contacted them via email, they got back to me and told me they need to arrange an initial telephone assesment (i think this is the standard process, they obviously didnt read your notes properly! How awful). So trying to get that organised was a mare, i work in the middle of nowhere and cant get signal on most networks, and also work in an open plan office so making personal calls during working hours (the only time they are open) is virtually impossible. We eventually agreed a day and time for the assesment (this took weeks of back and forth) and i would have to go and sit in the car park near work and find reception for them to call me. Oh yes i forgot to mention that they asked me to have my questionnaire ready for the assesment, i said 'what questionnaire?' turns out they hadnt post me one so the assesment had to be postponed further until i had it.

    Telephone assesment - 8th Nov. So we went through the questionnaire, then they asked me a few questions after, mostly regarding CBT (i think its the 'default' therapy, but the feedback ive seen its supposed to be fantastic, and very practical) i did say that i think i needed to focus more on the past before i can deal with the present (i think ive got this far by burying my head in the sand and if im finally getting help i think i need to do the intense and go over the past before i can deal with the present or the future). She said she was going to have a chat with her manager and ring me back later. Later that day (and back in the car park again) she told me that she'd spoken to her manager and they don't know what to do with me! Which is just what i wanted to hear, ahem. She said they were going to esculate my case and send me for a face to face assesment with a clinician but the clinician didnt have any appointments (any time of any day) free until 26th Nov and its over an hour away (i don't atcually care, help is help). Having got that far hearing that they didnt know what to do with me and they were sending me off, but i had to wait yet ANOTHER few weeks was devestating to hear so i begged them to let me know if any cancellations etc came up (they didnt). They sent a letter to my GP with the scores of my questionnaire and that they were esculating my case. My GP never mentioned it, i dont even know if she got it but i todl her what it said anyway (i get copies posted which is good).

    Clinician's Assesment - 26th Nov. Lovely lady! Wrote ALOT poor woman. I tried to cover as much as possible in the hour (impossible) so she had as much information as possible to go on as i woudlnt be seeing her again. The hour ended and she said she'd 'be in touch', i think i was a little shocked at the vagueness because i didnt react, just said 'ok' and left having NO idea what happened next, what i was waiting for, or when i'd be told what was happening, and by who. I then got an email on 5th Dec from the clinician asking me to call her so i did. She recommended that i do 'interpersonal therapy' that focuses on my interactions with people, and past relationships and experiences etc which sounds perfect for me. She told me the waiting list was 10-12 weeks - OMFG. She said CBT was 8-10 weeks anyway. There wasnt anything i could do other than sob on the phone for a bit and just say ok. There were 5 people ahead of me on the list and everyone needs help so i'd just have to wait my turn (don't worry, she didnt say that to me! I said that to myself!) At least it was Christmas, though i coudlnt tell if that was a good or bad thing really! So... I get a call on 4th Jan saying she has an appointment for me, WOOHOO! I was booked in for 10th Jan with her (the clinician who did my assement, woop! That wasnt the plan, she said there were 5 or 6 in the 'area' trained on it and someone would be in touch).

    Therapy - 10th Jan. FINALLY. Got lost, parked miles away, walked for ages in the cold, arrived late but i was there, BOOM! The first session was just a general catch up and we start properly this week. Its still an hour away from me and i have to get out of work early which looks a bit suspect BUT i no longer care about these things because someone is actually dedicated to helping me! and i coudlnt be more thankful that im finally at this stage.

    ...I hope you don't think ive made this all about me! I just wanted to share my experience in case its of any help/interest/comfort to you to know that getting here was a royal pain in the behind! But im finally underway and i love my therapist already! We'll all get there eventually, we have to! Lots of love xx

  • Oh so sorry minnie 2 hear uve bin let dwn, they jst dnt realise how upsettin it is 4 us vunerable people. I know wot ur goin through, bin let dwn so many times by these professionals. jst try 2 not let it upset u 2 much:-)

  • Yes don't worry I'm okay now and treated myself a naughty chocolate brownie from costa and a anxiety blend oil drops for bath (manor grove) in bath right now, smell strong but nice and calm me :-) you can have a look on website of it xx

  • Thanku sweetie, will do wen better. got that really nasty sickness bug. seem 2 catch everythin lately. sorry 2 interupt ur nice bth, carry on relaxing hun:-)

  • How did you go on at docs ?

    whywhy xxx

  • How did you go on at docs ?

    whywhy xxx

  • Thank you, just got back from GP and the dr said I got viral infection, should heal in next 7-10 days but sometime it can last longer and reassured me no chance of lung cancer. Gave me codeine litnus syrup for cough.

    Bought myself a oil drop "anxiety blend" in hot bath and its called manor grove- brand! Check it out on Internet??

    Hope ur cold will heal quickly soon! Big hugs xxxxxx

  • I said you would be ok :-)

    Now believe the gp , take your syrup & send me a piece of that chocolate brownie please lol

    whywhy xxx

  • How did you go on at docs ?

    whywhy xxx

  • Hi there

    I have been doing computerised CBT and the guy rings every Monday since end nov,finding it ok, but have 2 be disaplined and do it every day 1/2 hour.

    It's little books 8 in total I've nearly finished but want to go over it x

  • Hi Minnie,

    Hope your bath and brownies have calmed you down now.

    It's so infuriating ~ these people definitely don't read the forms they ask us to fill in and seem to have no concept of the role they play in making our anxiety worse. Try to be reassured by Sasays experience ~ at least you get there in the end!!!



  • Thank you ladies!! :-) xx

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