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Feeling anxiety and pariond :-(

I'm fed up of feeling like this but was fine today and no anxiety until this evening because my dull headache return on same area on right side of head mostly sometime travel to back either left side of head with low shooting pain for few secs but not painful only dull-bit uncomfortable, no nausea or vomiting or anything apart from it. Got bit neck aches.

Worried about what if its tumour etc but been see nurse 3 times and she reassured me that I do not have it even she promised me, she said I need to stop worry but its hard! Had it for while but comes & goes

Headache come on it own without anxiety but why? Tension or its from anxiety but I didn't feel or know it? Been drinking 3-4 glass of water but seem still same?

Nurse can't be wrong right? Please reassure me? Going make myself chamomile flower tea now to help me to stay calm and my husband is on night shift so I'm on my own :-(


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Hi Minnie,

It's awful when you're on your own and these thoughts start to come.

Make your tea and find somewhere nice and cosy to curl up and drink it. Practise your breathing exercises - slowly in through your nose and a nice long exhale through your mouth. Imagine your thoughts as little black clouds floating past. Just let them go back. They're there but they can't touch you, they're just going by. It takes a bit of practise but it does work.

You are ok. This will go away. A warm, well wrapped hot water bottle against you neck or the side of your face might help ease your discomfort too.

Take Care and Keep Posting.x


Yes it's not nice to be on my own when my husband work on night shift this week but got day off tomorrow! I'm in hot bath and writing here lol and will drink chamomile when I get out and put hot water bottle behind my neck as I can feel bit ache/dull on my back of neck. It's nothing serious and not brain tumour right?



Hi minnie, I know it stinks, but do not fret...anxiety being what it is brings all sort of imaginative negative thoughts, and all sorts of aches (everywhere). Fadedlizard is right..once you relax a bit they will lessen and maybe disappear.......

Anxiety will instill all thoughts.....i,ve had most but when you calm down they will go...... give you a smile..I remember many years ago having anxiety that I may catch leprosy from foreign coins. ..............lo....God Blessl


Ok will try to relax much as I can but not easy! How do you relax when your anxiety? X


Anxiety is full alert (racing negative thoughts) there are many ways but each of us find our own best method....

As fadedlizard commented , view them as just thoughts (not part of the true you--just a thought)

Some people try distraction by keeping busy , but although this worked for me, when I stopped they sometimes just re-emerged

I found that their was always certain tunes or songs that made my thought drift and relax, either because they sounded meaningful...or from our childhood or teenage years...or I just liked them......I would lock out the world by my music (in an undisturbed room or even headphones going to bed) and just let my imagination recall the positive or good times, or just enjoy...and after some practice (not everything works first time) I would relax and drift of to the land of nod!!!.......nite nite..x


Ok thanks for the tips but problem is I'm dead I can't hear the music that's why only the way I feel relax is have a hot bath, drink chamomile flower tea and text my friends! Feeling bit calm now and thank you for reassuring me!! Lucky to have this site where I can be able to talk etc! Xx


If you have hearing problems I understand, but visual stimulation can also bring on feelings of relaxation....I love country and wildlife programmes....

You,ve made me think...and I suppose today I,m well because I changed thro understanding what life was,.....try library.....Eckhart Tolle books-- "The Power of Now" --and--" A New Earth" helped me!!!

Good wishes...x


Thank you will try that books! :-) god bless u xx


I had these pains you describe for a couple of weeks, I've been told it could be the way my breathing is short and fast. If you breath like this it can cause tension on your shoulders and neck... which can then lead to these pains in your head. Breathing exercises should help ease all the tension and dull pains. Hope you're feeling better today!

JB x


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