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help with anxiety / depersonalizeation

can someone please help me i need help i was looking my symptoms up online and it turnes out my anxiety is depersonalizeation or somthing. i need help getting rid of it. i got scared cause i asked for help on a different site and someone said (game over man. game over) but ive been told i can get help so can someone please try to help and not scare me like that other guy thanks! o and its also been happening for a while at first i started feeling like i was losseing my memory and then it got worst to the poing were i now feel like im not even alive and that my life is a dream and its 24/7.

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That is a very odd sensation indeed! Do you ever feel fatigued / exhausted all of a sudden when you have these forgetful moments? It's not always easy to just get rid of anxiety - sometimes it rules your life daily and sometimes its easier to manage. Ignore the idiot that said Game Over - who says that in 2016 anyway.

You can get all kinds of help. Maybe not everything will be right for you, but try a few things and see what works. It might be medication or it might be CBT. Why don't you see a doctor when you can, explain these feelings you have been having and ask what they would recommend.

Trial and error.

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i did see my family doctor and she gave me a perscription for a medication that i dont want to take beacause the main side affect is suicidal thoughts and most people i know said dont take it and i dont normaly get tired its only happend once i heard of a medication called celexa witch i was thinking about trying i dident want to have to take meds but its just gotten to the point wear i dont care anymore i just want to feel better and feel myself again


It's not over, you will find yourself, you can do it ! You're going to be okay (: don't get scared and maybe try to do things like you use to and get familiar with it again (:


thanks! i have been trying different things but sometimes its just too hard

i have to try things that make me pay attention to them and not my anxiety


That's good ! But well maybe try other things that may keep your mind in just what you're doing (:


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