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Had a visitor let me know he is going to live in Scotland

He has got his old job back as a pig farmer where he worked before. Just like that, going at the weekend. Everything i have done has been thrown back in my face. See ya later, thanks, with a sorry in there along the it the right thing. No!! I think he is running away from all the problems. Not for me to say now though. Has just shown what he thought of me. Feel numb at mo, but he isnt worth my tears or anything else. May karma smack him in the face.

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Hi Lou,

Time to move on, to better things :-) it takes time, and I know its hard, but I'm sure you will be ok.

The last sentance in itself, causes karma to yourself, just let it go..........easier said than done but its the best way to come through the otherside.

Wishing you well




Baylien you are right. I am better than that. x


Too right you are !

Hang in there

Lots of cuddles




It has made me realise how lucky i am to have supportive friends around......................cant go wrong with that. Means the world.x



I am so sorry , I no I repeat myself with you on this , but all you did & I can imagine how you must feel

Well I no you will feel the pain , who wouldn't , I no I would

Trying to look at it positively now though , you certainly have your answer , as you did wonder what was going of in his head

Easy for me to say , but goodness , you deserve so much better & I no eventually that will happen

I hope eventually this might help you to move on , you don't have to wonder any more , what he is thinking

I am searching for something magic to say , to help , & I feel I cant

I hope you will still keep been a part of the site & will look forward to hearing in the future how happy you are , as I no its there waiting for you





He's running, Lou.

"If I just get everything back to how it was before I got ill the illness will magically go away ...."

Been there; done that; got the mental health to prove it - left courses, left people, left houses ... anything to make IT go away. It doesn't work but he has to find that out for himself.

He has chosen to walk this road alone, Lou. Probably the wrong choice but he's running too far, too fast to hear that.

I'm so sorry he's caused you so much pain when all you've ever done is try to love him. You're a lovely person Lou and WhyWhy is right ~ real happiness is waiting for you beyond this.

Love and Hugs,


Thats what i said. If anything it will have changed and the people will have changed. Not my problem. He made the choice to walk away from the two people..............his mum and me that have done everything for him. Once the novelty wears off he will be in the same position,. I know that he has now made that decision, and i wont be there for him to help get through it sorting it out all out when he cant cope. People up there have their own lives and doing their own thing. I cant dwell on it. I have to move on now.

I wont leave here. You have all helped me so much and i am not turning my backs on people who are there for me. x


I think youve been so strong Lou.... and you deserve better treatment..... and you will get it...... Just think of yourself for a while!! xx


He won't get much support from piggies. Lovely creatures, but not hot on the caring side. I don't know your history, Lou, but sounds like someone needs a gratitude transplant. These people have to find out for themselves what they are missing. Distance doesn't leave problems behind - you take them with you. You take care of you! xxxx


Yeh well he will soon realise that. May have honeymoon period but he hasnt dealt with things. The two main people that have helped him.....he has basically gone see ya, going back cos couldnt cope with what was happening at work and life in general. Thinks things will be the same after a over a year. Also has left his Mum who has alzheimers, which i cannot believe as he was a Mummys boy. x


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