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Epilepsy worries...again


I have been under a great deal of stress lately. And while I was talking to my boyfriend over skype the topic came up about me being older than him but I was actually supposed to be born after him. Then he said something along the lines of "Its not fair that your older than me" he said that jokingly and then I get an intense wave of deja vu after that statement. It was really scary at first but then I slowly felt like I was forgetting what the deja vu was about. This tends to happen when I get deja vu, I'll worry about it so much that I will forget what the deja vu was even about.

After I get deja vu my anxiety implodes on itself and I start thinking "Oh god...did I just have seizure?" I'm not even diagnosed with epilepsy, and I dont shake or anything when it happens. After it happens my anxiety ramps up with all of its symptoms and i get kinda sleepy from worrying too much. However when it does happen I get this thing called "nervous chest" where when I have anxiety and I try not to hyperventilate or anything I get this feeling in my chest where I thought it was the classic like, rising feeling but, its something I get when I am really anxious and its throughout my whole chest.

What also is worrying is that yesterday I was at my therapist telling her about my horrible trip with my brother while he was on leave, I lost my train of thought and I automatically thought "Oh god I am having a seizure" my face flushed and I got really embarrassed. I could still talk but I couldn't remember what I was talking about. But...I know that people lose their train of thought all the time. I was doing really good with my deja vu there for a while but then I got one this morning. I am so so so scared that its epilepsy but everyone I talk to in my life tells me its just my anxiety and that I am totally ok. I believe them but...then it happens again and its so terrifying that I tell myself there is no way it is just anxiety, it has to be something else.

Can anyone relate to this?

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Perhaps what to your Doctor would help? They can easily rule out epilepsy and ally your fears. Possibly they could recommend medication or CBT to help with anxiety symptoms.

Perhaps a visit to your Doctor would help? They can easily rule out epilepsy and ally your fears. Possibly they could recommend medication or CBT to help with anxiety symptoms.

I talked with my therapist about it, she said that since it happens so quickly and I can stop the deja vu feeling by just switching my attention that its most likely just anxiety. Same with a psychiatric ER nurse I know. She told me that deja vu is just how my anxiety can manifest. I'm guessing you can't really stop a seizure aura by simply stopping your thoughts about a certain thing. I just had the same deja vu feeling by looking at something I had seen years ago (I remember the exact occurrence actually) and when I realized it was a memory the deja vu feeling went away just as it usually does. But I still have the same response to it as I do to anxiety so....it must just be anxiety?

No you are right when you say you wouldn't be able to stop a seizure aura by stopping your thoughts. It probably is the way your anxiety manifests itself but would CBT enable you to recognise any possible triggers? Are you doing a specific thing when this happens or in a certain place?

Most likely but the weirdest things trigger it off. Like youtube videos do it which is odd. Nothing really that i can think that i traumatic about it all

When it happens its usually like. Reading something or watching a youtube video on the second go around. Or if i hear something familiar like a conversation a friend and i have had before

It sounds to me like Health Anxiety ... Anxiety can play funny tricks physically and mentally ... doesn’t sound like Epilepsy ... when I worry about a physical symptom of Anxiety ... thinking it’s something else causing it like an illness ... I go to my GP. ... explain it’s worrying you and you would like to be checked via scan ! Put your mind at rest xxx

Yeah I definitely think your GP would be able to help, even just to rule epilepsy out might be a weight off your mind. Worth a try?

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