Things are looking up!

Hi Playmates, I thought I had better write and let you all know I am still here reading your posts but I haven't been commenting much as I didn't feel as if I had the right to. Now that is my old arch enemy speaking, stress and anxiety :P just in case you were wondering. I have been busy trying to put the world to rights with a few things. Firstly , looming up on me was having to move out of my home as I have not 1 but 2 spare bedrooms. It is social housing and yes there will be those who think I should move out, but it has really knocked me for a six. I pushed it to a dark dusty shelf , right at the back of my mind until Christmas was done and dusted ( another nightmare ) for the majority of us. So January dawned and I could feel the familiar pangs of terror coming. The odd thing was , they were different, I could manage them. I could manage the pure panic I was feeling . I have NEVER said that before in my life.When I first joined this site I was unable to get on a bus, have a conversation without stammering and stuttering or even a telephone conversation. Now I am doing all of the above regularly and even enjoying them. All this in a matter of a couple of months really. I really feel like a different person to who I was. A good friend of mine on this site sent me a link regarding the " bedroom tax " as it is being referred to in the press. I looked at it, wrote a few e-mails and made a few telephone calls . All of which would have been an impossible task for me a couple of months ago. As a result I am assured I will be able to stay put in my home. My home, my safe place, my haven. Where I have loved , laughed and cried for 30 years. Brought my 3 children up and entertained my Grandchildren. This site has been invaluable to me and I regard some people as close , caring friends who understand the problems of anxiety and depression and the rubbish that goes with it. There are a lot of other problems I face too....but hey I will face them. I'm not alone anymore. I am managing pain better too and life is looking up. Thank you My Dear, Dear Friends and may we meet Many, Many more. Oh I will trip, stumble and fall, but I know I will get back up again, thanks to you and Dr Claire Weekes of course who has changed my way of thinking with her books. Anyway I will get off and read some more blogs and questions, knowing of course I have a right to, Lots of Hugs and Kisses x Ella x


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  • Ella that's wonderful! Awww, my sweet, I'm SO happy for you!!!! :-D :-D :-D May i give you a big hug? You don't mind? Great!!!!!! {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Ellabella}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Loads of love and virtual handstands (can't do real ones!)



  • Ella

    I am so happy for you , & i am not one of those that believes in this bedroom tax ...infact I could do with you sending me the link you were sent if you could

    I have not been on here that long , but feel we have lots simular & hope I will get to no you more (i had noticed you had been quite) so I am thrilled you are back posting & have had a result !!!!

    You will be taking over the swing now in the secret garden ? best go & have a go quick , infact where is Rose ?

    You send lots of warmth & comfort in your posts , which is so much appreciated , along with humour ! lol


  • I'm here, Why, and I'm on the swing, but I'm going to let Ella have a go, she deserves it! :) Oh and some Irish coffee - oh, go on, it's a celebration! Party time!!!!

    Lots of (hic) love



  • Well I was going to say where is Rose on the whisky ? but was trying to be polite lol

    Yea Ella can have the swing , she does deserve it !

    Go on then ...lets have a party ...get sending out the invites !

    No hangovers this time ok :-*

    whywhy xxx

  • Huh, I see - you only want me for my whisky! :( Hurt now! ;) xxxxx

  • Me ??? doubt it lol dont drink

    May be the hot chocolate & cake though

    Mind you hurry up getting this party going , just been on mail on line ...looking at news ...stopped googling ...but what did I have to see & read ...the fear that is in my head at the mo !

    Feel i am wobbling & thats without a whisky !

    whywhy xxx

  • Oh, hun, what was it you saw? Big hugs n love xxxxxxxx

  • some one only 35 , 15 years younger than me , died of heart attack they didnt no he had high cholesterol T thats what caused it , well I have high cholesterol & thats the one chasing round my brain at the mo , Im trying to ignore , well set me in to overdrive :-(

    Hugs back


  • Oh, hun!!!! {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Whywhy}}}}}}}}}}} Look, love, just because you have high cholesterol DOES NOT mean youre going to have a heart attack - there are lots of other factors involved! Are you being treated for high cholesterol? You should be - statins and maybe aspirin - I'm on both, I'm 13 years older than you, my eldest sis had a heart attack and I'm not bothered. i SO wish i could reassure you, my love, but only your dr can do that, and I'm sure s/he is doing everything necessary. Please, love, try not to let it play on your mind like this - we can stop living cos we're so afraid of dying!!!! See your GP if it will help, but please, please try not to worry - it really does't help, hun! Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Well I have had blood pressure for years , took them over a flipping year to get me to take blood pressure tablets !

    Yes I was given statins at Xmas , but I will be honest & i no I will get some stick for this but i havnt took one yet cos frightened of the side effects :-(

    Had made up my mind to start them monday & see GP Thursday

    I am feeling so fed up been such an idiot with all this

    Sorry this was supposed to be a party

    whywhy xxx

  • P.S thats another problem , the doctors can never reassure me & believe me they have tried , i even start feeling sorry for them , stuck with me !

  • NO apologies allowed on this site! :( I've been on statins for about 10 years and noticed NO side effects whatsoever - so has my sister, and ditto. So take 'em, hun, they really are a "miracle" drug! And you're not being an idiot - we all have our problems on here, and NO-ONE thinks anyone else's problems are silly. We understand, even if we don't share them. You should see the state I get into if my tum starts to play up :( Talk about a "suitable case for treatment" lol! ;) Big hugs hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • PS look at this from the Anxiety UK website -


  • Thanks Rose , I will , thats the strange thing with all this though , have a fear "health anxiety " yet when given something to prevent something , cant face taking it ???? is that insanity or what ??

    Get ready everyone then I will face the fear & take them , dont everyone disapear on me though lol

    whywhy xxx

  • Good girl!!! :) And of course we're not going to disappear on you - good grief, whatever gave you that idea? Like I say, I've been on them for 10 years and never noticed any side effects - oh, and don't go looking for them!!! Promise!!!! xxxxxxx

  • I will give it my best Rose I will promise you that

    To late though on when i got them , hadnt joined this site at the time , so what did I do read the leaflet that comes with them !!!!

    Never mind , people also suffering we can all get through this together :-)

    whywhy xxx

  • Just noticed & sorry to Ella , I have spoilt your blog here & this is about you & your good news

    Sorry Ella

    whywhy xxx

  • You are so lucky and it is so great that you are feeling so good. This should inspire us to all get there. Thanks.

  • Ah that's fanastic!!! I'm really pleased for you!!!! :-) you did it and keep doing it hun!! Big hugs!!!! Xxx

  • Ella. What a wonderful old lady was Dr.Weekes. You are one of many, including me, she has 'saved' from misery. I am so glad for you. This is the BIG success and with the others so far this year we must be doing something right. ella, so pleased you feel as you do and you have made my day; week; year!!! You may stumble on occasions but Dr. Weekes shows you how to get back up again. Bless you. Lots of Love. j.

  • Thank you my loves, I appreciate you all so much. I've had an Irish coffee on Rose's swing and now I must retire lol. Rose my hand slipped with the whisky snnxghvjv,f,f,c cnmx Ellax

  • Oh for heaven's sake, the woman can't take her liquor!!! Help me get her up off the floor, someone - or should we just leave her there to sleep it off? ;) :-D xxx

  • Dear Ellabella,

    What a lovely story of happiness and positive change. I wish you well.

    Kindest regards,


  • Thank you Marcus, hope you are well dear x Ella x

  • Whooo hoo. Good news for a lovely person. Dont you just deserve it.

    Lou. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • So happy 4 u Ellabella u deserve 2 b happy, plus very reasuring 4 me + others who r still in the peak of our illness. jst ordered claire weeks book of amazon. keep up the good work + keep encouraging others. kind regards leehow(leeanne)xx

  • Ah thank you so much Lou and Leeanne Love You To Bits!

    Stay with the book Lee, even if you just take a page at a time...I found it hard going but so worth every minute. I'm going to read it again now lol xxxxxxx

  • Can't express enough how proud I feel for you. Keep writing, as this gives others the HOPE to carry on and persevere when things seem to get on top of you. This site is a wonderful place to vent your worries on, as we've all 'been there' and gradually come out the other side. CHEERS to you all. xx

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