the car is still waiting :( neighbours are home :(

Hi all , sorry its been a few days but just wanted to let you all knw (well those who have read my other blogs anyway) the car is still waiting. I had said i was going to build the confidence to walk around the green out the front of my home to my car, but its proving very hard I am so feeling ready to go out and conquer the world again but nope its holding me back. The neighbours are back from there hols and i decided to give them another im mad iknow try to be not friends as i have taken on board advice about never mixin neighbours and friends :) but social. This has been going fine and socalising in the garden has resumed, however as much as i can stand and talk to her in the garden the minute she comes into my home im a nervous bloody wreck :/ feeling faint and sweaty etc, this only ever happens with her in person in the home (never outside) i can stand and talk to others in my home and not think about anxiety at all now. Is this normal? Is anyone else like this ? As for the car, I will not give up though I will reach it lol, one day x Donver x


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  • Hi :)

    I know how it feels to have that anxiety feeling when someone comes in my home, its fine outside but as soon as they invade my safe zone I cannot escape that, building myself up to having people round for lunch was hard but I feel I have improved a little. I even used to get high anxiety having my shopping delivered to my door, someone in my home and I cannot escape of I wanted to, reality of it, I could if I wanted but there was never any need.

    As for going to tackle going out good on you, keep positive I believe in you! Me to am trying to get out I am on my 5th day and sometimes I think I cannot do it 100% I pushed myself and made it where I wanted, wasn't far just around the block but I did it and tried. The way you will feel once you tried is amazing, just think I can do this, it will take what, 5 minutes out of your daily routine, 5 minutes of anxiety and rest of the day you can feel pure achievement and sit back with a grin :)

    Don't overthink, just get up and go for it, I would never go out if I stopped to think, that head thinker always wins :/ lol

    Have a good day, I believe in you xxxx

  • Hi donver

    My next door neighbour is a nosey Parker. I thought she was nice as we chatted in the garden but it got to the point where she would just come in uninvited, rant about her husband or slag off her daughter in law. Neighbours should be chatted to over the fence they are way too close if you have a disagreement. I keep my distance now

    Last year I struggled to get out of the house too. Don't over think it.. Just put your shoes on and go... You can do this. How about grabbing a carrier bag filled with cardboard and walk to your car, put it in the boot and come back to your house. That's step one. Then try going to your car, sit in the seat and take something out of the glove box and come back. Before you know it you will be ready to drive. Good luck xxx

  • Hi eve thank you for your comment, Im trying very hard to escape but it seems somedays pointless trying :? I can fully understand half the time its just the thoughts in my head that make me nervous and if I coud just let it go and live id be fine. I will get there one day Im determined :) xxThanks again xx

  • Hi donver

    Stay determined x I know how hard it is but I also know that when you make it to your car and put the bag in the boot you will come back and feel so pleased with yourself. You will be tired but you will have taken the first step and it feels like a massive achievement, so it really is worth it when you are ready for it. in oct last year just making it to the wheelie bin felt like a massive effort for me but im glad i did sending big hugs xx

  • again ty x in oct last year i was normal :( i miss those days so much x still trying to work out why i am this way but i guess i should forget the past as i cannot rewind and redo forwards it is :) x

  • Hi Donver,I too was 'normal' last year but i'e had trouble with anxiety and affected my confidence in going out of the house.I've found though that once I got into my car i was in my own little space just like my home and i felt safe.I understand you are finding it impossible to get to your car but you will do it.keep strong.x :)

  • ty akilass x i will keep on trying one day something surley will give :)

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