Things are looking up!

Hello all! I hope you have all had a wonderful and anxiety free day!

Things have been going really well over the past week or so. My partner and I have just signed a tenancy agreement for a new house, an upgrade from out flat. I will miss this place though as it was out first place together but I’m very excited to move to our new place after Christmas 😁 and tomorrow I am doing overtime in work, something that before for me was a big anxiety trigger, however I find myself feeling calm tonight and looking forward to a new day! I hope everyone’s week has been as positive as mine 🙂 and I wish you all a very happy tomorrow 😁


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  • Glad to hear things are looking up for you. Congratulations on your new apartment I hope you enjoy every minute of it. I'm also happy to hear your anxiety has diminished when it comes to work. I am currently working on mines, I get it alot when it comes to work too. Any tips on how you are overcoming yours?

  • Swan83, thank you 🙂 well one of the ways I deal with my anxiety is to carry a bottle of water with me so I can sip at it when I feel the hot flushes and dry mouth, I also have a fidget toy that I keep in my pocket to keep my hands busy and to refocus my mind. The biggest one is acceptance, so when I feel panicky I tell myself it’s only a feeling that will go away and isn’t permanent and I stick it out whatever I’m doing unless I absolutely cannot manage it 🙂 I hope these things help you 😁

  • Thank you, I do carry ice cold water and sip on it when I get the hot flashes. I even take a piece of fruit to eat. I distract myself by taking a tablet with me and reading or playing a game makes my time go faster and distracts my mind from the travel. But I absolutely can not travel standing I have to sit during my travel or I will get very sick. But there are those days when I feel sick and that's when I start to panic thinking I will pass out and that makes me feel worst.

  • I know what you mean 100%, I don’t like walking very far on my own because I get really anxious and my energy levels dip, so I cycle anywhere I need to go alone. The feeling like you’re going to pass out is the worst feeling out of all of the symptoms, feeling sick is easier to cope with. Is your employer understanding of your anxiety?

  • This is a temp job so I have not discussed it with them. I only have one more week left of work so I'm hoping i survive to the end. But my employer has no idea what I go through to get there.

  • I’m sure you will ace your last week 🙂 I don’t think a lot of people do understand what we go through every day to get to work, it’s hard to focus your mind and switch to work mode when you feel like you’re dying inside, I hope you get better soon though 🙂

  • Thank you Cs131193

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