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Heart Attack


I am so sorry everybody if I am off topic here.

I am a 43 year old female who has just returned home after having a bad heart attack.

I have looked up a few of the heart attack support groups but although offering good advice there really is no body to chat to.

My doctor has come to see me because I keep having nightmares and panic attacks.She tells me this is quite normal after such a trauma.Unfortunately because I am on so much prescribed medicine for my heart at the moment there are no tablets to help me because they will interact with each other.

Because I am suffering so many panic attacks at the moment and confined to a weeks bed rest I thought a site like this may be able to help.

I have had a look around and read some of the blogs.You all seem so supportive to each other.

Do you think I am in the right place here?

Thankyou Bev

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Hi bev

Of course you are in the right place... Welcome

Please come and join us in the garden for chats and giggles it will help take your mind off things for a while. We are very supportive of each othe and non judgemental so keep blogging. Love eve x


Hello Bev,

I am sure you are in the right place.There are some lovely people here and we try to help each other.

If you look at my profile you will see that I too suffered a heart attack in early April and am trying hard to recover.

You are so young I am sure you will recover well.Yes I remember the nightmares so well.At first they were really scarey.I could not tell the difference between being awake or being asleep.I was convinced that I was dead and looking down at myself in the hospital bed.I still get nightmares but not really bad ones.

My main problem now is that I am just plain SCARED of getting another one and am afraid to go to sleep.

I may be 68 but I still want to live.

Like yourself I have to take heart medication 22 tabs per day because I also have heart failure.My doctor cannot prescribe anti depressants or anything for the same reason as yourself...they interfere with your heart tabs.The only thing he has allowed me is 2mg diazapam but this does not really help.

Anyway Bev please make full use of this sight and all the great people here.Even at night...There were two people helping me get through last night between 2am and 5am.

People are simply wonderful here.Welcome and all the best




Thank you Eve and Grog.

You may think 43 is young to have a heart attack but in the cardiac ward where I was there was a poor young girl of 29 who was in a bad way.I do hope that she pulled through ok,

The thing is neither of us smoked or drank very much.In my case they put it down to diet.My arteries were all clogged up.As a working mum I tended to survive on burgers and fish and chips.NO MORE.I have a diet sheet now and I am going to stick to it.As for work I.m not sure yet

Grog you are not old at 68 so you just keep on fighting!

Thank you all for your welcome and if I can help any one I will try my best.



Hi Bev,Oh dear what to do or say.

Of course you are welcome here but having read your blog I'm scared out of my mind.I am a 45 yr old female with health anxiety.

Since my Mum died of heart failure I've been afraid of having a heart attack and in fact early this morning I called 999 because I was convinced I was going to die.

Anyway welcome to you.I have found a lot of support here and I am sure you will also.

Much Love



welocme bev, we can all help one another through the bad patches, I'm so sorry about your op and hope all will heal soon. Its Pentecost today and the promise that the holy Spirit will dwell in us, even if some are not believers I'm sure there is a warmth of understanding and friendship that dwells in our hearts and messages.to each other. Hugs from cotonroad


My dear olddux.

Please Please don't let my experience frighten you.I have only just started suffering from anxiety but I do know it takes over your mind and it is not something you can just put to one side.As I said before I am not allowed to take anxiety medication,but hopefully you can.Have you been to see your doctor?

Having a heart attack at our age is quite rare and worrying about it sure won't help.If you smoke then try hard to give it up.Enjoy a drink but stick to the guidelines and most of all watch your diet.Don't be like me and rely on fast food every day.

If you need my help please message me 24/7 because like you I suffer from insomnia and rarely sleep more than 3 hours per night.

Dux take care luv from Bev.


Cotonroad Thank you so much.

.When I started looking through the blogs I did not see much about religion.My belief is not in God as an entity but I do believe the spirit of God dwells within our hearts.

I read a saying once that went something like "If God did not exist then I would have to invent him"

Sometimes it does need a trauma to remind you of this.

Thanks so much for your words of comfort.



Hi Bev, and welcome xxx

Life is short and we only get one, so make the most of every day as it comes. I have neve r had a heart attack but it's a really big fear. I think about it everyday. I can't imagine what you are going through but I think you are so brave.

Heart trouble runs in my family, my daughter suffers heart arrhythmia, has done since she was a child. Some times I think I'm going to worry myself into having one, or even a stroke.

You are among friends here and we will be here to listen, support and I hope make you smile xxx love Cookie xxx


Hello Bev

Hang on.you have had a very traumatic experience at such a young age.

I can understand your fear and anxiety but cardiac care is so very good now days and you are among friends here.

Good luck and a long life.

Iv`e been fortunate enough to avoid heart disease so far, although it runs rampant in my family. My mother had angina in her early 40`s, & Iv`e had a number of thests to make sure everything`s ok. I go in fear that I will develop heart disease because of my family history, & I really hate it when people use worn out expressions like "life is short", how can people keep saying that when the average life expectancy is now over 80? No-one wants to be reminded of their mortality, but everyone seems to love to talk about death, & that`s not very helpful to those of us who are terrified of it.

Hi Bev,

I understand your anxiety. Also in my case one of the triggers for my anxiety has been the hypoglycaemic coma with persistent asymptomatic hypos. I was on the edge of my life cliff. When I came out I gradually started to understand myself and my health better.

At that time a phrase of Shakespeare helped me:

(...) I know myself now; and I feel within me

A peace above all earthly dignities,

A still and quiet conscience. (...)

Henry VIII (Act 3, Scene 2) W. Shakespeare

It is wonderful and “a still and quiet conscience” is what, I think, might be a useful achievement also for you.

Look after and love yourself.



What a beautiful quotation.

Thank you grucio for your very kind reply

Take care

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