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Looking for a "clutter buddy" for mutual support in throwing things away

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum, and this is my first post. I have used the BLF forum for support with my lung problems and found them very friendly and helpful.

I've been diagnosed with OCD with hoarding so sorting things causes me extreme anxiety, although I've been able to make some progress recently even a short session (like I've done today) exhausts me and leaves me exhausted, and feeling very low as I feel I've done so little .... and have so much more still to do that it seems never ending.

I've been to OCD support groups, which are very helpful, and once to a hoarding support group which was helpful but as it's so far away and is a difficult time for me to reach there and get back again (especially with my anxieties about travelling to the area).

I recall one of the ladies at the hoarding support group was going to setup a system for people who wish to have a "clutter buddy" but I never had any follow-up and can't remember where to look for contact details to check if I'll get one. I feel it would really help me to acknowledge the progress I'm making and feel more positive.

A "clutter buddy" can be someone on the end of a phone, or perhaps Skype could be used, for mutual support in our struggle against my problem throwing things away - which for me is caused by an exaggerated need to sort everything and to ensure everything is recycled or re-used, I hate putting things in the rubbish unless it's really what I consider rubbish - food waste, damaged item.

I've got a few black bags filling up, which is surprisingly good for me in view of my OCD, but I know I'll struggle to actually secure them and put them outside in the "wheely bins" on my own .....

I do hope there is a fellow sufferer (or two) here in the forum who can provide me such much needed support, and who I can offer support to as well.



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You want to see my friend's house! You'd be glad you have clutter. I daren't put my toes in the door for fear of bringing a speck in - and bare!! Totally minimal. So unfriendly. Still, the other way isn't good either. I don't have this problem (woe! one I haven't got!) but I have a good mate who has a husband with it. Her house is like a museum. She managed to get him to IKEA last week and he fell in love with their storage boxes. He has put a lot of stuff into boxes and piled them up in the garage, so the house is looking much better. He has been known to cry if asked to chuck some stuff. Bless him, I love him! Anyway, this is no help to you really, just thought I'd have a chat. Hope you get on ok with the clearances. x


That's a lovely reply , bonkerswoman , it made me smile & its always good to let someone no we have read their blog , even if we cant fully help , I am sure it will have been appreciated





You are so nice whywhy2. People like you shouldn't have any probs, 'tent fair! x


I like the Channel 4 programmes about hoarding. I would love to get rid of the junk that seems to have a life of its own. There is one question would hypnotherapy help? Is it available on the NHS?


There is a program on more 4 now about OCD cleaners, maybe that's the way - ask somebody who has this condition to help you to declutter, then can you send them my way. ??


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