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Please READ, tips for you all :-)

Thought would like to help and reassure you all with my tips.

Anyone who got anxiety and panic- please remember its nothing wrong with you and you won't die from it as anxiety DO NOT kill you as nurse had told me that.

1. If you worry about having a heart attack or die from it by anxiety but you won't, take magnesium with calcium to protect your heart mean it will put ease on your mind, not just that it helps with anxiety too and it work wonders for me! Been taking them for 2 months and it help a lot!

Copy it from Internet to show you a proof- Magnesium supplements may be used in treating attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and chronic fatigue syndrome. Magnesium supplements may help prevent migraines or shorten migraine duration.

Magnesium protects against heart disease and heart attacks, high blood pressure and stroke, type II diabetes and much, much more. It is more important than calcium, potassium or sodium and regulates all three of them. Contrary to popular misconceptions, it is magnesium that is actually most the important part in the body.More than 300,000 sudden-death heart attacks are reported annually in the US (more than 80 per day) which are believed to be related to excessive calcium and a shortage magnesium

Its your time to invest in them!

2. Chamomile flower tea (pig tea) from waitrose either online from tea pig website are the best, real and fresh dried herbs that helps with anxiety, insomnia and stress! It work wonder very much with me and I swear by it!! I bought 2 packet today and can't wait to drink it tonight a hour before bed time. It got lots benefits in it too and apparently are very good for your health also help with anxiety!! Can't live without it NOW! It help me to feel more relax, calm, sleepy, no anxiety and sleep through the night! The reason I don't drink it during day because it got sedated in it and makes me sleepy so best to drink 1-3 cup after dinner and before bed time if you wish!

3. Must have a hot bath before bed time, it helps me to feel relax, ease on my mind, rid the stress tension muscles on body, always add bubbles bath but I prefer use molton brown bubble bath as it got powerful ingredient in it to help elevate moods, soothe skin, feeling confidence and relaxation! (Inspiring wild indigo) purple one.

4. Ban yourself from GOOGLE!!!! If your worried, go and see gp to get reassures but remember anxiety is powerful and make you think bad things so don't let it take over you!! I've ban myself from google from now to!!

5. Keep touch with everyone on here and its best anxiety site and you can help each other, put ease on each others mind and lots of reassures!

Hope those things will help!!


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What lovely tips, I'm about to use google... to look for some tea pig teabags for myself! I have terrible insomnia lately and need to get back into a routine before I go back to work Monday. Thanks Minnie.

JB x


Yes you can order tea pig chamomile online from tea pig website or buy it from

Waitrose if you want it tomorrow! It really helps a lot to be honest! Hopefully you will get your sleep pattern better and back!! X


Sending the bf to Waitrose whilst he waits for my CBT to finish tomorrow. Does it taste ok? I've tried many different herbal and fruit teas, but I find some of them can taste a bit pond watery haha!


Good idea! No they taste lovely sort of flower? If you don't like it, keep drinking it and give ur taste buds to get used to it! My husband like it and only drink it if he can't sleep at night and it helps! :-) just had a lovely hot bath and drank 4 glass of water but still got bit of headache :( bit pariond hun! Is CBT any good? I will be seeing counsellor anytime this month but gonna ring tomorrow to find out when is my first session xx


P.s leave chamomile tea bag in the cup til you finish drink it ok? X



I suffer from panic attacks and agoraphobia,am on meds,formany years, my husband has altizheimer,and am so worried, where can I order this tea you nmention, and willit be acceptable with my meds, Please answer me.Thankyou , I do need help so badly,I takemy meds in the morning, and sleep then, which is wrong, I am so depressed, and cry all the time. x


That sound awful! You can go to google & type tea pig then look for chamomile from there or go to Waitrose and buy it! It's safe with any medicitaions! You might need take anti tablets before go to bed or after breakfast? Xx


lindenlea. I have been on Valium for 35 years, and am on SSRI Escitolopram 7 years, also propranalol. and thyroid tablets Minnie 12, I take them in the morning and I need to sleep, afraid to change them to night time, as the pscychiatrist says they would keep me awake, it does not make sense thankyou, for your reply, I cant stay home alone and cant go out alone, so depressed


Chamomile tea won't affect your meds, you can order it online by tea pig?? Please try it as it will relax you and help to you feel bit better!! Please don't get too stress as it won't help hun!

Try go out for a fresh air for 5-10 min then re build everyday then you will feel good! X


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