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So today went well until this evening. Anxiety kicked in to over drive. Went to CBT and doc gave me a at home blood pressure machine, were doing a little expirement. I'm to take blood pressure readings thru the day, when I feel good and when I have anxiety and boy I didn't realize how much anxiety raises your bp by. We did a relaxation technique and he got me so relaxed that my BP went down to 91 over 78 then he triggered an attack on me and it Shit up to 143 over 94 then did the relaxation technique. Dropped to 100 over 81. He said it's funny how anxiety works and I said but it doesn't feel too great. I was told by my doctor it's false high blood pressure due to anxiety and if they put me on a med I would plummet big time once it subsided so no blood pressure meds for me. I'm suppose to use relaxation techniques to counter to high blood pressure but not easy when your heart is skipping like a stone across a pond. Anyways hanging in there, you all hang in there. I'm fighting this battle and once I'm done I'm coming back to you all out with me. No one should suffer this from this crap. Btw if there are errors I'm posting from my cell phone and don't always catch the errors. O if you wanna laugh, came home during my anxiety attack and flopped on my bed and bed broke lmao I was like Damn I know I was fat last year but i lost 80 pounds lol. Guess I need to lose more. Lmao. Good night you all.


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  • Armyguy, I've also used my blood pressure machine to check my pressure when anxious, do relaxation techniques and then retake it. You are absolutely correct in that there is a big difference. I had never heard it stated as a "false high blood pressure reading" due to anxiety. It's like the "white coat symptom" when you are in a doctor's office. This all makes more sense now of your doctor not wanting you on b/p meds. Sounds like you are getting this under control. Good Luck.

  • This has been so good for me to read. Armyguy, may I ask the technique that you used to relax? I'm doing a breathing one which helps quite a bit but not nearly as much as the one you are doing by the sound of it.

    Keep up the great work, one day anxiety will be a distant memory.

  • Replying with technique

  • I never look at my readings straight away, because if its high then it goes even higher and freaks me out, aaaargh

  • Hey I am sharing the technique look to bottom of reply.

  • Replied also posting a video link to help

  • Brilliant, you made me smile, Im the exact same when it comes to my blood pressure. The key for me is to take my reading numerous times throughout the day but to NOT look at them, and at the end of the week I will then go through them and put them on a spread sheet. And boy oh boy do my readings be all over the place when I'm hit with Anxiety. Keep posting ....

  • Hi Armyguy , Amazing post! Exactly what I'm going through right now. My b.p was always great. Been going through quite a bit of stress, since the beginning of summer. Now my readings are crazy! I can be just sitting here and it will be 150/90.... When I'm at the Drs., it's 110/70. Because I'm totally 😌 relaxed. I read your post and said, wow that's me! Could you share the relaxation technique with us. Much appreciated.😁😁😁😁 Ruby🌹

  • I'm about to share my technique

  • So first off you all, you need to be some where quiet and need to get comfortable, I.E. laying down is best or a very comfortable chair. Close your eyes and breathe thru your nose slowly in and slowly out, do not be worried about how many breaths you're taking as long as your going slow. Its hard during an attack but Its possible, did it last night and today during an attack. Now visualize your breath going in, feel the temprature going in your nose and notice the temp coming out, with every breathe you take your pushing out anxiety and stress and with every breath in your taking in clean air, slowly keep doing this for 4 minutes. Keep the slow steady breathing going but the next part focus on your chest or stomach rising slowly in and out, with each breath you take your taking in clean energy. Feel your goes and feet and how heavy their getting and Feel how relaxed you are. Let the tension go you have built up in your shoulders, stomach, arms, and legs, release the tension in your face just let it all hang freely, don't fight it. Keep breathing slowly, visualize your breath as a swirling mass going in releasing the anxiety. You're the safest person on the planet at this moment, nothing can harm you, anxiety, panic can't harm you, it will not cause you a heart attack or heart failure, it just simply cant, and every time you have an attack, it will always end, and you will always be alive.

    Whisper this in your head, they recommend you do this 40 mins a day but I do it for 20. If you have a blood pressure monitor go ahead and put it on before this starts and have your finger near the button once you hit 20 mins. Don't move alot and press the button and keep doing the exercise while it inflates, IGNORE IT!!!! Emphasize this enough. Keep relaxed and look at your heart rate and numbers and guarnteed their down. Have anymore questions message me or post on here. I go to college all day and work at night so I'll get back to you all as fast as possible.

    Also don't be ashamed of this, I'm a 10 year 4 deployment combat engineer, I own a Harley and my friends see me as a man's man with a beard and the entire 9 yards, tattoos for sleeves, but no one guessed I suffered anxiety too. I just got good at fighting it. Anxiety is a truck of the mind, once you stop worrying about BP, watch it'll find something else to worry about. Its a mind game, just don't play and the game goes away.

  • Thank you so much Armyguy. This is so valuable to those of us who are arguing the point about blood pressure and the relationship with anxiety. I and many others truly appreciate this.

  • Just glad I could help

  • Armyguy, this is the same technique I use. I can't wait to watch the 2 videos you gave us. Thanks for sharing. Take care. Stay positive.

  • It does work and no problem at all. Also you said you were from chicago, northsider or southsider? If you're a north sider then GO CUBS!!!! I'm a Cincinnati Reds fan, from Cincinnati, but I hope to see you all finally win it. White sox have more world series wins but shockingly cubs have more overall wins and playoff appearances. I'm rooting for you all!!!! And good luck. Hope the video helps.

  • Northside. Go Cubs... Thanks for the good wishes. I'm sure the videos will be good. I gave it a sample and like what I heard. I use YouTube audio videos to relax and deep breathe. Yours sound great. Thanks

    Take care.

  • Here is the link as well to help.

    This is almost exactly what we did yesterday. Takes a few tries to get good. Its like being an athlete or an instrument player, to get good you must practice and If you don't practice then you wont progress.

  • I've posted how to relax, now I will tell you all, there are two groups of people and both tend to be right, the ones that try overcoming panic and anxiety by ignoring it over and over (which is how you get better) and the ones that accept they have it and think they'll have it forever and it usually goes away. Its amazing to watch. I've witnessed anxiety being beat and know its possible. Exercise helps too. I'm going to post one last video to motivate you all. This video made me get out of bed when I didn't want to leave the house and it can help you!!!!!

  • If I'm going to get the shit beat out of me by anxiety then I'm going to do it on my terms standing tall. This video helped me so so so so much, when you listen to this video, think of anxiety with it. This video makes a ton of sense.

  • Thank you again. This is also a Godsend. Love and light to you Armyguy. :)

  • No problem, don't give up!!!!

  • I had fear of going outside, I was over weight and out of shape with panic. I was 300 pounds now I'm down to 215, all muscle again, started running again, threw cigaretts and caffeine out, I got a job again full time, college full time, I am straight a student, yes I have panics, yes I have anxiety just driving or walking to class but one foot in front of the other no matter how bad I am. If it doesn't hurt then I'm not getting better. Anxiety wants you to be at home or afraid, don't take that crap!!!! I'm not a quiter and I never have been. I'm leaving hell and going back toward the light!!!!! You all can do it too.

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