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I haven't been on here in a few weeks, I guess that's a good thing. I was experiencing real bad anxiety since last July and it finally got better a few wks ago when I decided to just ignore the symptoms and just go on about my business.

For the first time in months I went out with my cousins and had a great time! I haven't been out I just would go home and do nothing.

I had a few drinks and was really tipsy but I realized when I drink a lot the next day my heart pounds hard and fast. It doesn't do it on a regular basis just when I drink a lot. Then in turn makes me worry then I end up fixated on my pulse all day. I've been checking my pulse all day and worrying. I feel a little relapse if anxiety now smh I was doing really good but now I feel that anxiety kicking in. I do have a hangover right now so I guess high anxiety after a night of drinking is normal but I know a lot of people who drink heavy one night and the next day their heart isn't pounding.. Whenever I ask people if their heart pounds after they drink heavy and they say no, my anxiety shoots through the roof smh.. Does anyone experience this? And please keep the comments positive because I dont need any other stress please....

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yes this is exactly how i feel when i drink. my heart beat was pounding all day and i just couldn't calm down i felt horrible but this is common after a night of drinking the reason why other people don't say their heart is pounding its because they don't notice it like us anxiety sufferers do. if it makes you any better a lot of my friends who don't suffer from anxiety also feels their heart pounding. you're honestly just going through a normal hangover but your more sensitive to it because of your anxiety.


Makes a lot of sense lol I was so worried. Its happened before but like u said we are more aware of stuff smh. Other people who don't have anxiety probably have a faster heart rate after drinking but they wont recognize it. Anxiety sucks, it really eats away at you. It causes procrastination and makes you isolate yourself. I was doing great for a few wks and today I feel a lot of anxiety but its definetly a hangover. I feel like crap and to top it off my heart has been pounding all day smh


These feelings are why I no longer drink. The following day I am on edge and constantly feeling anxious 💐


Hey buddy I'm 22 and I used to go and get trollied with my pals all the time then the second my anxiety arrived in town every time I drank or smoked while out too the next day I'd always have a bit if extra pressure in my chest and my heart felt weird and all day I could feel it beating a bit stronger than usual, BUT remember brother when you feel even slightly anxious out nature is to have all our sense heightened and although to you it's scary remember it's only that worrying that is making it worse, I won't go out and get rekt anymore with my mates because of all this so I totally understand you. If you ever need a chat mate send me a message.

You'll be perfectly alright mate! Get some water chuck on a nice movie and take it easy calm yourself down :)


Makes sense bro! Ur right man ..anxiety it so scary


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