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Terrified/Tips please


I'm flying off for my vacation this Friday and I'm already on edge. I feel like I can't breathe properly. I went to the doctor and he have my heart and lungs the all clear. I don't know if it's because I'm terrified,but I keep feeling tearful and my back hurts so much. Can anyone please share tips on how to ease anxiety before travelling? I'm currently not on any medication,but I'm taking nurofen for my backpain and I realized that it puts me in a state of calm.

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I get so anxious going in trips too.

What are your fears, ?is it the whole trip thing, or is it flying..mine is mostly around flying. I have in the past had something from my dr to make me feel a little less anxious.

Last time I didn’t get to the drs so I bought some herbal travel essence which did seem to help too. I bought it in a herbal shop called neals yard...

Breathing exercises are so helpful, because when we get anxious we tend not to take deep breaths which really doesn’t help at all..

I’m due to go in a trip soon and I know I will be anxious but I also think I want to go so I’m not letting it stop me 😩

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I think it's the fear of experiencing a panic attack on the plane.Currently,I feel like I can't breathe properly,so that's got me crazy anxious even though I know nothing's physically wrong.It's my first trip in two years ever since I started feeling anxious,so I'm terrified out of my mind :/

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Yes similar to me, and I suspect others too.

Have a read of this link it may help..and it will explain better than me for sure..i always think knowledge about something helps me a lot.....I travel alone a lot and I truly do get so anxious flying...I have always been ok..the thought of it is always much much worse...think about the aim and the lovely time you can have once there...


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Thank you so much!I truly appreciate it :) I think it's because I'm afraid of what others will think of me if I suffer a panic attack on the plane. Or like what if I pass out. I know it's all in the mind,but times like these I can't help it.

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Yes I think the same things....I always have amagazine for take off and landing so I can look down at that , I only pretend to read it , it’s just so no one looks at me too...

You ain’t pass out and the link I sent mentions that too...that is one of the fears....

I promise you gonna be ok..you will feel anxious, because we always do but nothing bad is going to happen ...

Let me know how the holiday goes when you get chance....and also always come here and talk if your anxious it helps sooooo much xx

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I definitely feel so much more relieved after talking to you.Sometimes,I forget that all these physicap symptoms are caused ny my anxiety and the more nervous I get,the more my body starts hurting. I might probably freak out a little on Friday but I hope it'll turn out fine. I hope your trip in the future will be a fun one :)

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Yes you will dip in and out of coping and not coping I know I do too...but the bottom line is you will definitely cope !

I’m glad it’s helped to chat here...but keep coming back as you need and require...it helps a lot to know your not alone with it


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Keptainicandozatt, I think you "nailed" exactly what is freaking you out.

Amazing insight about " freaking out" and what others think of you.

Many of us here have been exposed to Claire Weeks and Barry McDonnough of DARE< who both teach us to accept the feelings we get when that adrenaline drops.

SO if you do get the feeling of panic, in theory, while sitting on the airplane, you actually can start talking to yourself, that this will pass, it always does, and go ahead anxiety, bring it on.............I just did this, in the car, for myself the other day, while I was driving, and it took less than 5 minutes to get back to neutral.

The DARE app is what I used that day, so I saw how long it took to "get down."

So for me, when I travel, I can be 100% fine one minute and the next, my gut will want to "explode" then my heart races, and skips and I get short of breath and I start sweating, and shaking ( can anyone relate?)


If I am in the car and in traffic, or in an airport, in a line and can't get to the toilet right away, I feel like I am going to , faint, explode, or freak out.

I have never died, and I have never exploded........however, that plays in my head all of the freakin' time when I have to go anywhere.

DO tell us what you choose to do for Friday.

Having a panic attack in public should be no big deal, because I think gobs of us have panic these days, and some really kind person will probably walk up to you and hug you.

If you are sitting on the plane, you can put the blanket over your head and have a good cry and right then start to feel better.

Perhaps a small child will be sitting next to you and you can laugh and play a game together under your blankets.

Be well, check in with us as soon as you can

Hi,thank you so much for this! A day till I fly off and I honestly feel like my anxiety is about to reach an all time high. I'll remember to keep that in mind. I don't know why I can't seem to reassure myself that symptoms are all new and that I have nothing to worry about as I've experienced them before. I've decided to take melatonin an hour or two before my flight so hopefully I'll be too drowsy to even feel anxious when I'm on the plane!

I get just like this too.

Keep me informed on how you do. AND if you need extra support on Friday, let us know. Other wise, look for a small child to play with!

Thank you so much!Just reading this made me feel so,so much better.I feel slightly calmer now,but it might be a different issue when I'm at the airport later!

ok check in with us

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