i feel horrible i dont get it i dont want to die off all this im getting tierd of this i soo mad upset !!!!!!!!

Like i really dont get this i was doing wonderful geting the hang of it but today i got a huge headache and my heart racing just by getting up from any where chair or layingdown and its like a shortness of breath i get that its really hard to explain only someone could switch to my body and feel this and explain more because its really hard to im literaly tearing right now dont care im a guy i got this chest pain as well my head feels wierd aswell like i could feel that im not my self how i use to be i just feel sick of this shit going through this for four months all because the dumb weed i smoked i feel like im going crazy my head all these sympthoms all these body aches tingling on feet like something is going to happen to me this is insane already how is my head doing all these i feel like docters are just trying to get rid of me or just because im young they think im healthy this and that im tierd of life !!!!! ughhhh


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27 Replies

  • Hi You're not alone in thinking that 'weed' has set off unmanageable feelings. How old are you?

  • Im 20 years old

  • Johnnie, I'm sorry the day is getting you down both physically and emotionally. It's normal to feel anger when anxiety and it's symptoms don't seem to let go. I doubt that the doctors are trying to get rid of you because you're young. The oath they took was to help and heal people no matter what their age. I often wonder if your anger is at the weed or yourself for smoking it. You can't erase what happened in the past BUT you can try to not have it play over and over in your mind everyday. I think that is doing more harm than the weed. Maybe talking with a doctor more about the effects of smoking weed, might help eliminate some of that fear you carry with you. You did good for a short time and I think you can do it again with help. Hang in there, someone should have an answer.

  • im not thinking about what happen to me or anything im just thinking Bout what the weed did to me like it effected me really hard because i have all this symthoms and my heart racing my head all i say is that the weed meesed me up because i was fine before it happen

  • I know you were fine before this all happened. The thing is that we all make choices in life that don't always turn out the way we would want. Try to listen to what others (who have smoked weed) have to say about their symptoms and length of time you will have this. Maybe their is a way to turn this around.

  • Like who doe ?

  • Watch for posts of others on the forum who have said that their anxiety also started with smoking weed.

  • i havent seen any on here yet

  • and would this ever go away?

  • Once I saw your post, I became more aware that there were others who are going through the same thing as you. The next time one comes up, I will alert you to who it is. I truly don't know anything about weed.

  • Oh alright what did you hear about it ?

  • Johnnie, I have tried to guide you through this before. Resort back to previous post

  • yeah i know its been really hard for me to believe all this is anxiety like now my heart its beating then feel like it pause and i got sharp pain on my left arm a little bit

  • Ok Johnnie, let's start over again. When was the last time you visited your physician and did you explain your symptoms to him/her?

  • the docter?

  • Yes

  • i saw about two months ago or a month yeah i said my heart is beating rapidly fast and i have tingling sensation and pain on my chest and body aches and head feeling wierd dizzy and my vision seem to blurry and times and unreal dream like

  • And his diagnosis to you was Anxiety? Correct? And did you tell him you was fine before the weed?

  • yess

  • Because you are thinking about it. Relax. I'm reading a book by claire weekes you should check it out

  • How im thinkinng about if i really dont it just hits me out of no where

  • Hey Johnnie, not sure if this will really help you or not in your current situation, but I can tell you that you are not alone in this. I smoked pot for many years throughout my teenage years and I really enjoyed it. At some point however, it turned on me and started giving me severe anxiety every time I would smoke, exactly as you are describing. I eventually quit since it was no longer enjoyable, but the anxiety has stuck with me. I also experimented with other drugs around that time that could have altered my brain chemistry which may have caused this switch. Have you done anything else? or only weed?

  • Just weed only nothing else that was only drug ill do smoke weed use to have me calm and relax not worrying about anything and sometimes ill smoke weed and have my heart racing but i wouldnt pay it no mind until now when it really hit me hard

  • yeah man that's what started happening to me, I had to stop. So you are saying that it happens even when you are not smoking?

  • Yeah i stop smoking weed for 4 months and its still happening

  • yess !!!

  • im going to message you

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