Dry cough for 2-3 weeks, anyone get it??

Had cough for 2-3 weeks- no green or yellow mucus just clear and only cough during day time but nothing when I go to bed and I had antibiotic for 7 days last week with emyermtic syrup 4 time a day and it didn't help!!

Am worried and did go back to gp and nurse said it called post virus cough as I had a cold 3 week ago.

Am worried and pariond about lung cancer?? I don't smoke and I'm 24.

Anyone had cough and how long it last?


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  • Yes. Minnie. I had a bad cold a month or so ago and it left a very nasty cough. The medics seem to think that the particular virus that caused the problem also carried this tendency for a cough to follow. Really nothing to worry about. If you are not coughing when you go to bed then does you lung cancer suddenly stop at night only to recur in the morning!!! Minnie, you will be fine. It just takes a while fror these things to clear and being anxious does not help. Take heart.. Regards. jonathan.

  • Ok thank you for your reassure! I wish I didn't google about cough as it comes up with advert saying it which left me pariond!! Shall I get cough syrup to help or leave it til it heal on it own? Manuka honey & lemon seems not helping? X

  • Hi Minnie,

    I'm a fellow sufferer of health anxiety, so I know the worry and panic you are probably going through! I think it would be very unlikely for you to have lung cancer considering your age and the fact you don't smoke. Your nurse is probably right, but if you still have the cough next week maybe you should go back to see a Dr. I know it's hard but really try not to let the worry eat you up, as it just makes you feel worse. I hope you're feeling better soon!

    JB x

  • I am sure the nurse is right , there is a bug that is leaving people like this , it does go eventually but it is taking weeks ! try not to worry sounds perfectly normal

    I understand that you are pariond about lung cancer , i get the same with lots of illness, but as you dont smoke & are 24 , i really would not worry , its the after effects of this virus

    Try & relax , as i can find I can have a tickly cough when i am stressed , so maybe that is not helping , it will go , give it time


  • Ok thank you all for reassure! Will try to not worry but can be bit hard when I have got health anxiety! Xx

  • I no minnie , same here , its a right pain in the butt , I have a sore gum at the moment & dont even want to type what I think it may be , & if I had a cough would be just the same , but as others have had this try & be reassured this one is normal , but you are not alone remember that , I dont think there is one illness in my mind , I havnt had yet !


  • Yes of course. Ur sore gum sound like maybe new teeth growing or just infection nothing serious! Go but mouth wash I forget name that can help with gum/mouth infection, usual from Asda or tesco! I had gum sore before and its nothing serious :-) hope it helps? Do you grind your teeth if so could be why! Do not google as it make us think of worse things and I will keep away from google!! Xx

  • Hi

    Well at my age I dont think I will be growing any teeth , they may start dropping out though lol

    I have had this before & if the sensible side of my brain wants to work , I think there is a little gap & food my get stuck in , just a tiny bit , which can cause irritation , I use salt water & no doubt it will go , but then the other side of my brain will start coming up with some thing more serious , its then like which one will win , hope its the sensible if I try hard

    O yes I grind my teeth terrible & clench them till I nget jaw ache , the dentist have noticed for years that I grind them when I go , its stress & anxiety , i dont even no I am doing it most of the time , it has been that long

    I no google is sooo dangerous , as you might be the same , the mild answers we will skip , the serious answers we are there straight away thinking thats what I have ! i have to resist , but i wont , we will both keep of google :-)

    Its a help just knowing there are others just like me & we are not alone so thank you

    Sometimes talking about it can just be a huge help as well , especially when people understand :-)


  • Hi Whywhy, you won't believe this because I didn't! but I "cut" a wisdom tooth last year right at the back on the bottom left. I find this highly amusing as I am nearly 59.....it didn't arf hurt though! made me feel sorry for all the babies lol. I have banned myself from google ;) xxxxx

  • I knew there was a bit of wisdom there somewhere. Now I know where it comes from!!

    Love. j.

  • Hi ella

    Thats unusual ? lol & I no this teeth thing , babies have to go threw the pain of cutting them through , then as adults we get problems & toothache & now i am just trying to hang on to mine ! lol

    Yes I do think & after been on here , even though a friend of mine & even my GP has said "will you keep of google " looking at others it has to now stop , I realise it is no good , the temptation at times can be hard , but I will follow you & put a ban on myself lol


  • I've had to ban myself from google too. So now they are putting scary adverts on tv and even on the bus. Sometimes I don't think the world is trying to aid my recovery!!!!

    Good Luck with the cough (it really is far more likely to be a post viral cough than anything else) and the teeth which seem to attack unpredictibly and with no motivation whatsoever.x

  • I'm a another health anxiety 'Googler'.

    The fear and panic it's put me in at times is unbelievable, and I know not to do it but every tiny symptom makes my fingers twitch and creep to the keyboard for the dreaded Google!

  • me too - i google all the time for what symptoms are

  • lol I totally understand where you are coming from fadelizzard & ella have banned thereselfs which I have decided is a good example so I have joined the ban to , join us as well & when you feel the urge post on here instead ! We can stop ourselfs , now we no we are not the only ones & others have done it !


  • I might have to join the Google ban too!!!

    JB x

  • Sorry to intrude, but ive got exactly the same problem just my cough has now last 5 weeks. I seem to cough all day but barely at all in bed and it never wakes me up. Ive been to the doctors and they said my chest sounds clear its probably just of a cold i had 6 weeks ago. I know i suffer from health anxiety quite badly due to being asthmatic. Just ive now been to the docs 3 times for this and they havnt done any tests because i had a chest x ray in october. The thought didnt even cross my mind that anxiety could cause cough. But now i feel a little relieved thanks.

  • Also i have to admit i am aswell a googler, ive spent hours tonight googling and convincing myself i must have lung cancer.

  • Hiya change your dr that dr googles no good he always looks on the dark side and he's always wrong see your proper dr all the best. Mel :-)

  • Hello my dr told me there's a persistent cough doing the rounds I've had it since I got the flu 5weeks ago but it's getting better try warm milk and honey it's cheaper and just as effective as cough medicines especially for dry coughs i think hope you'll be we'll soon. Mel

  • Thank you my cough seem getting less and found pholcodine syrup effective for it as bought from boots! Xx

  • Hun I had this cough about 3 weeks now and i tried everything for it to go away. But it wont go away. My chest is even wheezing. Should i be worried? I dont smoke and im 21yrs old! Im thinking if this cough isnt gone bye first of the year then im going to the er. Im so sick and tired of thks cough and sometimes i have a hard time breathing and all i have is an inhaler. Its so annoying. I just want it gone asap!

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