How do I known if there is actually something wrong or if my anxiety is acting up??

Hey everybody!

So I've had anxiety for a little while now and I've always been a very worrisome person. I'm only 17, healthy and no where near obese. The other day an acquaintance I knew died from a blood clot in her lungs and now this has made my anxiety awful. Blood clots have always been a fear of mine. Right now I am sick with a cold (Nadal congestion, a cough) and yesterday I began to feel lightheaded, chest pain and I thought it was gonna die! Ever since then I've been worried on and off. Right now I'm up cause I'm worried that I'm having a heart attack. My left arm feels a little weird and my chest hurts (especially when I cough). Is my anxiety making me think all these bad things ?? My thing is that I don't want to cry wolf and go to the ER and there be nothing wrong. At the same time I really don't want to die. Advice?


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  • Oh honey it's really hard to believe but this is all anxiety. I also suffer really badly with the same thing but my fear is cancer and it really consumes me. Even now I struggle daily with this fear and I too find it hard to believe that anxiety can cause all these weird body and emotional symptoms. But with help it will get easier, try to distract yourself even if you can only manage a few mins. I started the adult colouring books helped, my mind and hands were busy so I couldn't google or do anything which was not gonna help me.

    Stay positive and be reassured that this is all anxiety and it will go once you are back to feeling more yourself.

  • Thank you for replying !! That advice is really helpful!! I really do need to stay away from google!!

  • Worrywort321, people who are 17 aren't allowed to have heart attacks, you're far too young. I think you've answered your own question really, you suffer from anxiety, you've currently got a cold and chest infection and you're worried in case it's a heart attack. Deep down I think you know the chest pain is becausecof all that coughing and congestion and it's also the cause of you feeling light headed. Don't even think about having a heart attack for at least 40 years.

    When people suffer from anxiety they always think some minor illness is something really serious, anxiety turns us all into hypochondriacs, you're no different. So take it easy, get plenty of rest, take over the counter pain killers if your chest is too sore, drink plenty of fluids and maybe take a gram (1000mg) of vitamin C and you'll be fighting fit before too long. But not if you keep obsessing that you've contracted something deadly because the fear generated by thoughts like that just keep your nervous system sensitised for longer when what it really needs is a break and time to recover from the sensitivity that breeds anxiety.

    So think happy thoughts and thank your lucky stars that when this respiratory infection clears you'll be perfectly fit and will probably live for another 80 years!

  • Thank you for the reassurance! That is really helpful!! I only just joined on here and I already feel so supported :)

  • Now my leg feels weird and I'm paranoid that I have a blood clot ://

  • This is another anxiety symptom and it will lessen once your anxiety is under control. I know you may not believe me when I say this but it will get easier , you need to take some time just for yourself, take a walk/ bike ride confide in the people you trust . The more the cycle continues the worry becomes harder and harder to rationalise and you will end up driving your self crazy. Take comfort from your friends and family , try to believe them when they tell you all this is anxiety, they would never tell you this unless it was true. As anxiety suffers we have to learn to trust our doctors/friends and family even when our minds are telling us otherwise.

    Stay strong and just take each hour by hour and slowly this will get easier and then go day by day and week by week.

    Just know you are never alone.

  • Thank you !! So true !!

  • Worrywort321, is your leg swollen? Is the calf area red and painful? If it really is seek medical attention. But if it isn't swollen, red and painful it isn't a blood clot, it's too much introspection. I bet it isn't swollen, red and painful, I suggest it's your reaction to the death of the person you knew who did have a blood clot. Too much of a coincidence, don't you think?

  • When you put it like that, it helps a lot actually. Thank you for being logical and rational.

  • Worrywort- im the same way! I have a family member that is currently having a quadruple bypass ( hes 67) and of course now MY chest feels weird, and chest muscles feel tight and in start thinking "oh no!!!" But i know its just my anxiety but still scary- its hard to think intellectually when this happens and instead our emotions run away with us- i agree with the distraction method and kindle games work well for me 😁

  • It's nice (in a weird way) to know someone else is going through the same thing!! I hope your family memeber is okay !! Thank you for the reply :)

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