Anyone have pseudo/psychosymatic symptoms?

I work in a small quite office with approx 15 staff, we have one radio thats very precious and i tried my best to be distracted by a worryful piece that Jeremy Vine was discusing re silent heart disease/problems with a whole influx of people with the full gamit of cardiac symptoms. I did my best to not listen and be distracted but i couldnt and now i feel very anxious and finding it hard to switch off, i cant tell if im having psychosymatic pains in my chest. ( my heart is one of my significant stressors, and im petrified ill leave my children motherless)


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  • Hi.Kelt. The good old fashioned health anxiety rears it's ugly head. I know just how you feel. I used to fasten on to every health programme and read everything I shouldn't until I realised after a few years and many visits to the GP that I had not, in fact, died!! I presume you have had a check up and been told you are OK? If not do so. Reassurance is a wonderful relief in this particular anxiety condition. It seems that the world is full of people who want to put the frighteners on others. Not deliberately but there should be a heath warning on some of these programmes. Try not to be too put out and let it spoil your holiday. See you in the New Year. Best wishes. jonthan.

  • Hi Kelt, it never ceases to amaze me how I can latch on and actually take in information like this, yet forget the most simple things in life! Try and rewind to before the never happened!...and it's not going to either ;) x Ella x

  • Thank you, i know these symptoms were anx related. I felt quite good in the morning and as soon as i hear it i was picturing myself in hospital having an angiogram or something.

  • Oh blimey I've been there SO many times. You're talking to Mr Health Anxiety himself!

    In fact just yesterday in her Christmas message to me an old friend remarked that another old work colleague I hadn't seen for 30 years had bowel cancer.

    Yup - you've guessed it - I'm off on one by just getting that snippet of news.

  • Bramwell how do you manage that? I can not stop worrying.

  • I suppose all I can say is I get used to it and think to myself - 'okay what's today's illness worry going to be'.

    I laugh at myself getting in such a state over nothing, or bad news which actually has no relevance to me at all.

  • I remember sitting in a lay-by when I was working and reading in a newspaper how someone had had a heart attack and died while sitting in a lay-by!. I started up and drove off as quick as I could. For goodness sake!! It is almost too embarrassing to talk about. Best wishes. jonathan.

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