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Afraid to workout... Anyone else?

I've been told repeated to start exercising because that's the best anti anxiety...

But I'm hypochondriac and hyper aware of my heartbeat.

When my heart races I get scared so as soon as that starts when working out or trying to workout I stop.

I'm seeing a cardiologist

-echocardiogram normal

-blood work normal no signs of anything bad with my heart.

-waiting on ultrasound results

Waiting on holter monitor results.

But doing simple chores get my heart racing and I can't help but imagen how it would be to actually workout.

Lately I feel as if my heart will give out at any moment, I always have an anxious feeling In my chest :(

Does any one else go thru similar?

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My heart races when I'm stressed too and I'm a hypochondriac too as well Yaz and I workout hard three times a week plus walk my dog through tough woody terrain every day for a few miles at a fast pace. And I do feel better for it.

Exercise definitely helps combat stress and anxiety.

Start just gentle and build up - you'll feel better for it in no time - honest.


Thank you Bramwell :)

I will try to ease into it.

Just with my recent heart scare I'm a lil traumatized




hia i am the.same as u are. it has all just hitme with a big punch all started off as chest pains now light headed 24/7 tingiling in my.body n heart polpertations . i feel as if im going to die . ive had every blood test done and all thays come back is low iron my doctor did test on me for ananxiety and im very high. i cant helpbut feel as if im going to die i have a 3yr old so im so worried im seeing someone about breathing exercise but not helping.


Hi Tiffany,

Sorry you are feeling like this I know that with a lil one around at times it might make you feel helpless.

Are you on iron supplements to make up the low iron? Having low iron will cause the shortness of breath, I get low iron around my menses and that's how I get worse palpatations, shortness of breath and dizziness.

Breathing exercises are helping me a great deal right now I found some videos on YouTube and they have helped :)

It's hard at first but then you start feeling it does help.

Hope you start feeling better soon.




Hi, find that simple exercise helped me. I've got a dfog and walking him 2 or 3 times a day helps. Even just going put for a walk helps because as you do it you find you meet the same people and from there you can say hello as you walk on and then maybe exchange comments about the weather. The dog stops me staying in bed each day and I do feel a bit better afterwards. Workouts might just make you I feel even worse. I joined a gym once and it seemed as if everyone was fitter, smarter and better at it than me. Not what you want when you're not feeling your best :). Xx


Thank you for your reply,

That's really great your lil buddy is there to get you going, Walks are great but I find myself trying to avoid saying hi, did you have problems with this at the beginning?

Lol yes!! The gym can get intimidating I will diffenatley try to be more open minded when I go for a walk

You made it sound inviting, I think that's what I need more adult interaction.

Thank you



Yes with the "hello" as I'm quite shy but with a dog it's easier. Even just smiling at someone and as quick hello made me feel less alone and if you see the same people you can get into conversation. Ivwentvto my library and found the address of a local Mind group. After about 5 days of procrastination I rang them and they were so helpful. Maybe there is a similar group near you? Very best of luck


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