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AnyOne Have these symptoms of anxiety?

Update: I had t make a new account since Tammy other one stopped working....

I had a panic attack about two weeks ago

And one last week

And one today just left me exhausted and confused and dazed

Although I've been very calm and relaxed after that

I feel very lightheaded and faint also kind of foggy 24-7. It's very weird

All the Tests came back normal.

Was wondering if anyone has felt like this

And any success stories please!?!?

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Yes, being lightheaded all day was one of my major symptoms. I have no idea why this happens but yeah, anxiety makes you feel this way.


Did you also get panic attacks and just felt very faint and distant?? If so how long did it take to recover


I had a major panic attack a little over 3 years ago. That started the cycle into chronic anxiety, some depression and migraines. I've been doin really well with time, medication and counseling. The past few months have been very hectic for me and I'm having some mild symptoms again. Head pressure, lightheadedness, headaches. I'm writing this to say there is hope and you can get out of the anxiety cycle. I'm still on my medication but I need to relax and take time doing things I enjoy. Oh, and I actually had another panic attack a couple of weeks ago...hadn't had one since the first one 3 years ago. But it does get better, but not on its own, you have to work at it.

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And as far as recovery time? It took a while, like about a year before I started to feel normal again. It's not an overnight thing, unfortunately. My first panic attack sent me to the ER, thought I was dying.


Yes my first one and my second one sent me to the ER actually

After many tests they would rule out anxiety give me a Ativan pill and send me home.

I have no idea what to do

Because this lightheadedness/foggy feeling just won't leave


It took me about 9 months before being sent to a neurologist who actually said I was having chronic migraines. He put me on Effexor which just so happens is also given for anxiety. It's done wonders for me. Maybe you should look into it? Have you tried any medication?


Hmmm see I get no pains and stuff. Did you get any kind of pain??

I've just been given Ativan

I take about .50 mg if needed so far!!

All this is pretty new to me

Was a healthy individual never felt this way before

3 weeks ago!!


I don't get painful migraines. The migraines were diagnosed based off of the lightheadedness and head pressure.


Yes I get light sensitive and also feel light headed and head pressure is definitely there.

Fluorescent lighting and the sun is so bad it makes me feel like I'm about to pass out.

Going to check with a neurologist forsure


Yes all the time


Any cure? Any meds? What's your story


Yes i take meds. I been dealing wit anxiety and depressing snice 2012 not soo bad as it is now, anxiety has really took a troll over my body snice my best friend passed away in September


Have you ever had panic attacks???

And are you light sensitive?

I'm sorry to hear that 🙏🏼


I believe i did have a panic attack i was always in the ER. Lights dont really bother me. And thanks


I think lights are my main cause of all this lightheadedness and faint feeling


Sorry to hear dat. Hope u feel better


Yes all the time.


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