Scared of getting Heart Attack

Last year i got anxiety and i got all sort of tests to do with my heart and everything was perfect. I'm 16, im pretty fit i do sports regularly, i dont drink and i dont smoke and i eat well. Never the less, i am always scared of getting a heart attack, im very aware of all of my bodily sensations. Since anxiety is very similar to the symptoms of having a heart attack i never know if it is one or not and its just constant stress all the time..i dont know what to do


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  • Hello Miguel. I'm sorry you feel this way. I've just began dealing with anxiety at the beginning of this year, it can be scary but is also manageable. Have you talked to your parents about how you are feeling? I find that sometimes just talking to family or friends helps me a lot. Try a few things to manage your anxiety, go on a run/walk, yoga, meditation, therapy - these are a few things that have helped me. For meditation try "headspace" its a great application that teaches you guided meditation and really has helped many members of this community. Find out what your stress triggers are minimize your exposure if possible.

    Wishing you all the best.

  • The thing is, do you think if ive already had checks a year ago and im 16 and toned and do everything healthy i cant get a heart attack? To be sure of that would make me feel so much better..because thats what my parents tell me

  • Hi Miguel. Well I am not a doctor and I can't guarantee that you will not get a heart attack, but if you live a healthy lifestyle and are young your risk is so much less. Trust your doctors, if last year they said you were physically ok, then you have to take their word on it and have faith in them. Babygirl29 gave you some great suggestions. Anxiety can make us feel like things are worse than they are, but if you work on how to calm your mind and thoughts things will improve.

  • ok, thankyou :)

  • Sorry to hear that your going through this anxiety and stress. It's called catastrophic thinking, where you get a symptom but think the worst, it happens to many panic and anxiety suffers, what I suggest is that you but a couple of books on amazon on the topic of anxiety. Also I recommend the book 'Play it away' by Charlie Hoehn as he shares his story on how he overcame anxiety through a major lifestyle change I.e, sleeping at 10pm sharp, listening to calming music before going to bed, change of diet, an outdoor activity with a friend everyday (I.e a game of football) etc. sometimes due to anxiety we think irrational thoughts all day long and we start having developing habits that make us worse I.e. keeping the ipad on until 1am trying to use it to help us sleep but we actually make things worse instead of better and so this book really is a great eye opener. Also buying cognitive therapy for dummies might be great for you too! I suggest writing a list of positive affirmations and always confessing this list out on a day and night basis I.e. I am healthy and strong, there is nothing wrong with me, I am filled with excitement about my future, I am free from anxiety and panic, worry has left my life, I feel better than ever, I am back to my normal self, I am outgoing and fun, I am free from over thinking etc. I think these things will help big time. Keep your head up high we are all here to support you. Good luck and believe that things will get better. Xx

  • Thanks for your reply, it really helps to get so much support, i will see if i can do that xxx Thankyou really, these things seem unimportant but it means to alot to see people put so much thought into their answers :) i will be sure to get that book

  • Hi Miguel. Makes me sad to read of young people like yourself having their wonderful lives blighted by anxiety. I had my first anxiety attack whilst recovering from measles, I was 18. I too, was sporty, just left school and about to start a cracker of a job (lots of stress). I used to call in at the doctors several times a week to ask him to check if I had a heart problem. I didn't, but I was a healthy, active young woman suffering from anxiety. It did eventually pass as I involved myself with new friends and began enjoying my life again. I am 62 now and have anxiety again because I haven't managed my stress well over the years. I've developed unhealthy thought processes but I'm workng on that and I know it will pass. Incidently, my father has suffered anxiety over the years and is 94! Your heart is fine, you have a healthy lifestyle. Try to accept your anxiety heart symptoms and eventually you will not think about them. They will go and the anxiety too. Best wishes.

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