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Does anyone have lots of physical symptoms with health anxiety!?!


Hi I'm really worried as I don't seem to get the heart palpatations much which seems to be very common but I get

-saw eyes


-digestive problems

-daily aches and pains

- brain tingling

- use to get burning skin but that's subsided

Lack of sleep

-muscle spasms and twitches

& the list goes on had tests

-lost appetite but getting it back now and gradually putting it back on

Be good to know if anyone out there is like me?

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I do. A LOT. Every time I worry about my health (especially my heart) I get strange symptoms that only worsen the anxiety which include my body feeling like its going to shut down, plus the occasional body pains. I myself just got back from a holiday and it's left me feeling strange coming back home which has sent my anxiety through the sky. It's horrible! :(

It's not nice at all is it makes me feel ill in the mornings and worse in evenings can't sleep well at all my worst fear is cancer as my auntie passed at such a young age we were very close. I'm constantly thinking I'm going the same way with the pains and all the other symptoms 😣

I'm the same. For me I always worry about heart attacks even though I'm only 22. Its like I always check my heart to make sure everything's fine. The best thing we can do is to keep strong and reminding ourselves that its all anxiety and nothing's actually wrong with us. Easier said than done but we can do it.

I'm with you. The twitchy muscles are my most feared symptom. Mine started after losing 40lbs in 5 weeks as if I've depleted minerals. I'm too afraid to get it checked but I think that's what's going on 😕

Yes, I have had ALL the physical symptoms, I also feel I have the worst anxiety call me at 7733318844 let's compare symptoms

It's good to know guys! My rib pain worrys me and had back ache when I woke up this morning just trying to keep busy cleaning so I'm not focusing on every ache pain or spasm etc life's hard ATM has anyone had head pains but not headaches there really annoying 😣

I just done a stupid thing on facebook what will 2018 bring for you and it said death in your family omg my anxietys awful now 😢😢😢

Hi yes I'm exactly the same, how are you now

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