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Hello everyone..... Hey ladies due to anxiety have any of you noticed a change in your monthlies? ive had anxiety for almost four months now and i havent had a period since it began and ive always had a regular period, im 100% sure im not pregnant as i have the contraceptive implant..Im beginning start to notice a pattern in when my anxiety is at its worse and its always a certain time of the also wondering if i may be starting the menopause i know im only 40 but its not unusual... Any advice Lisa x

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Hi Lisa I'm new to this site and have been asking questions, I've had anxiety attacks since aug/sept time and I have also noticed a difference at the time of the month, my anxiety is loads worse, my chest is sore. I'm 33. Sorry if my reply isn't helpful but just wanted you to know that I think anxiety is worse when our hormones are all over the place xx



I have the coil fitted and I'm going to remove it to see if it helps as my

Periods have been more stressful for nearly a year now prior to the attacks x


Hi Lisa

I would say it's due to your implant, here is a little section of information which I copied so that you could read it here:

"Irregular bleeding is the most common side effect for women using Implanon. Organon, the manufacturer of Implanon, advises that you should expect your periods to be irregular and unpredictable throughout the time you are using the birth control implant. For many women, periods become fewer and lighter, and in time, they may stop altogether. Other women report having longer and heavier periods while others experience an increase in spotting and breakthrough bleeding. "

You are probably a long way off the menopause ......the average age is 52. Also there are signs and symptoms leading up to the menopause which you would more that likely notice.



hiya Lisa, my anxiety starts to worsen a week before im due on and i get light headed and emotional the day before, i didnt notice it til i was 40, im 45 now.


Hi. As a man I cannot comment on periods, but is it surprising that our hormones are affected like this? The menstrual cycle is basic to a women and any anxiety or upset can cause problems. In men the lack of libido or sexual drive is often a component of depression. This illness is very tiring and all the basic bodily functions are affected. Aren't hormones a curse! They run riot in adolescents and still cause problems as we get older. I am going to have mine amputated, although I don't think there are many left!!. Best wishes. jonathan.


Hi ladies and Johnathan..... Thanks for all your replies.I sometimes wonder if im not just clutching at straws trying to find the reasons for why i suffer with anxiety,i keep racking my brain as to what has caused it and deep i know i will probably never know..Thanks Lisa x


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