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morning anxiety


Well I'm in the start of my second week of health anxiety and my morni g panics this is really getting on my nerves now. My dr rang me on Friday and has said he's confident that ots withdrawal from my venlafaxine but its only in the morning that its at its worst. I just get this sudden urge of fear im gonna die or ive got some terminal disease that they have missed

This is dreadful and is ruined my life.

I spend most time afraid im dying ive forgotten how to live 💔

Sorry to be a burden

Nat xx

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I hear you same not really sure why tho hope you can recover

Natzsteveo in reply to Sisqo

Me neither could be one or 2 things

Nat xx

So sorry you’re going through this.. I do this first thing when waking up also. Every morning. x

Natzsteveo in reply to anon99

Hi anon99 yes I kno that feeling xx

Morning Nat :-)

First you are not a burden don' ever think that and secondly I am glad you posted because I am still sat here with the worse stomach ever thinking the most negative things , don't know which way to turn and what to do and even though I would not wish this on anyone it is a relief to know there is someone there feeling just like me so it is a help you post so others can see it is not just them your post can actually help others and as I struggle to post you keep going so we know we are not alone

This is total rubbish now isn't it , the moment I open my eyes I start worrying and the more worry the worse my stomach gets and the worse my stomach gets the more worry , I could literally stand and scream !!!!

Have you had your test results back yet ?

You are not alone Nat :-)

Take Care x

Thanks a lot lulu that a lovely thing for you to say makes me feel I’m not alone tummy is the same as yours never stops at all morning anxiety is the worst

I’ve not got my results back yet which isn’t helping either

Hope you feel calmer soon

Nat xx

lulu-1 in reply to Natzsteveo

Hello :-)

I am sorry those results are not back it won't be helping , one reason that puts me of tests I think the waiting is the worse but a positive thing is usually when they take a while it means they are ok because if something is really wrong they flag them up and you get to know very quickly so try and think of it that way :-)

The meds the Doctor gave me for my stomach have not touched me one bit and now I am so worried , my stomach has not settled down in 3 weeks and as for my anxiety I can't remember when that last had a day or even minute of !

Fingers crossed this has to get better :-) x

How about you lulu are you ok silly question i know but just checking in on you x

Possibly a silly question but even so Thank you for asking because it means a lot when someone does :-)

I am still in a state over my stomach , it will just not settle down , meds have done nothing the Doc gave me in fact not sure if they have made me worse :-o

Sat literally froze to the spot with fear and have been for days , I am so full of fear , feeling sad and to be honest so lonely and feel like no one understands me :-(

Bet you wished you had not asked now :-D

How are you doing ? x

No way im glad i did and i know exactly how you feel trust me i dont know anyone as bad as me i make myself so ill when im worried about my health probably causing muself more damage that what the actual problem is. Dont ever feel lonely were here i know its not the same sometimes when im realy bad i just want a hug and for someone to tell me ill be ok.

At the moment im worried about my stomach aswell the tablets the hospital gave me for my so called reflux didnt work either doc gave me different ones they didnt work so now i got to give a stool sample to see if i have h pylori. My ha cant stop thinking what if its stomach cancer or something like that just constant negative thoughts feeling of pure dread and fear all day is just so draining.

But were here for you we can try and get through this together x

O bless you , it did make me laugh though when you said the tablets they gave you for so called reflux :-D

It reminded me of myself with these tablets the Doc has given me for IBS they have made me worse not better , I have stopped them today

My stomach feels so sore , burning , bloated , makes noises and yes I am worried just like you they might turn round and say the word I cannot even write !!!

I think I could be heading for the stool test which the test is not my problem but what it will do to me waiting for the results :-o

What symptoms do you have again and what tests have you had done so far ? x

Yh same here its the waiting game for the results all the what ifs.

Mine started with slight heartburn the uncomfortable chest pain the constant need to burp i dragged myself to a+e coz the chest pain had me thinking it was my heart my mum died at 39 from heart attack n guess what um 39 now anyways they done ecg and bloods said all was fine that it was reflux anyways eoll on 7 weeks later i constantly need to burp but most of the time i cant it just sits in my chest and aslo bloating after i eat im so worried its something realy serious 😫 x

I get it :-)

I am sorry you lost your Mum so young , mine was 64 and I thought that was way to young and this is bound to affect you

For years now I have suffered with indigestion or stomach problems , when I was about 32 I went and had the pipe both ends ( never again ) and they said it was my anxiety but that was 25 years ago ( don't do the maths and work out my age :-D )

I plodded on just watching what I ate etc , bad times with it good times but this time boy has it gone wild and the problem for me is the older I get I keep thinking my odds of been young are drifting away because I used to use that to try and keep me slightly sane !

I know you will find it hard and I know you may not believe me but I bet anything you want yours is going to come down to anxiety

I know I said try fizzy pop to get the wind up , Rennies maybe they even sometimes say chewing gum ?

I would say you are going to be fine but I know it does not always work when we are literally on the ceiling with fear , but I bet that is what it end's up to be anxiety , it has a lot to answer to !

Difference is with this Health Anxiety a lot seem to be brave to go and be tested yet me I sit worrying and petrified to have any tests done in case they do find something wrong !

Makes me feel like I want to give up ! x

I know how long can we carry on like this we're just wasting our lifes.

Having to live like this for the foreseeable future is something i realy dont want to think about i just wish we could be free and deal with worry like everyone else instead of torturing ourselfs the way we do x

Well I have been like it years but have to admit this Covid I think triggered mine of to be full blown again

I have just been doing something and felt the pain like in my side but further towards the belly button which instant panic yet again

My Doc is phoning me back next week and I am dreading what she will say next :-(

Have you sent of your stool sample yet ? x

No next fri i gotta be of the medication for 2 weeks b4 they can check. Im not sure what id preffer to have the bacteria or not i mean if i do have it least ill know its that but if i dont have it then my mind will be in overdrive like if its not the bacteria infection then whats causing it.

Im always moaning and crying to my husband he always says well if it is something bad then youl deal with it worrying constantly about it wont change the outcome i feel though if i dont worry ill be less prepared if something is wrong likes thats true id be a state either way x

O right she was on about a stool test for me but never said I would have to have medication first so now my head is saying O right she is thinking of checking for blood in mine she does think it could be you know what :-o

Sometimes I have thought about going on the IBS site to ask questions but I feel I am safer here , we know we have anxiety and if we tell others before they reply well it could backfire

My husband says the same to me and it annoys me to be honest , I look and think how can you be so flipping calm and why don't you get my brain just does not think that way !!!

I dread eating now , I have just eaten and now my stomach hurts , what a mess :-)

You are brave though doing the test and as I said I bet you will be fine but if you need to talk you know where I am :-) x

No its because i was taking omeprazole for the acid reflux but she said i have to stop taking it before they can check for th h pylori bacteria.

Ive just eaten tuna pasta not even alot i feel so bloated now almost feel like making myself sick to try and relieve it.

Yh my husband realy annoys me i alway say do you think if i could change how i think that i wouldnt but obviously they dont get it only us who go through it knows what hell it is x

O right yes that is right you have t come of meds if you are having a test done

I just get this little annoying pain I feel which sets me of as well

I know what are hubby's like , do they think we enjoy making ourselves sick with worry , I just envy though how they think that way and I look and think how do you manage to be able to be so laid back !

Hopefully these stomachs will calm down soon :-) x

I realy hope so we need a break 🤞🙏 x

mydogs in reply to Natzsteveo

Dear Nat ,sorry your stomach hasn’t settled yet,know the feeling to well been sitting here since. 4am stomach in knots and shaking all over on my own and feeling very upset and lonely,only my friends on site I can turn too and help me to talk about my fears and anxiety’s sending special love and hugs to you all thank you for being here for me xx

Natzsteveo in reply to mydogs

Aww honey how awful is the shaking I’m the same I shake so much just lately I feel nauseous it’s a nasty feeling..we will always be here chick don’t you worry

Nat xx

Were all here for you i hipe you feel a little better now 😘

How tou feeling now nat you managed to calm down abit yet x

Hi babes yeh I’m calming down now sorry you 2 are suffering too

Nat xx

Oh good glad youve had a bit of peace 😁😘 x

It not last long though never does we both know how that feels xxx

Yep eat sleep rewind repeat 😫 x

So true chick so true xx

So firstly your words are so familiar. I was on venlafaxine 7 years ago and will never forget the withdrawal from coming off it. But at least you are on the other side. So yes I remember the shakes. But they do subside. In terms of the anxiety, they can affect this too. Is there a reason you are coming off them? Were you suffering anxiety before?

Your words re being a burden is also a word I remember well. And it’s only now looking back that the feeling of being a anyone...was so strong for me. But trust’s just part of what you are going through and you are not!

The best advice I can give just now with having a strong sense of how you may feel is...’accept the anxiety’ , just say yep it’s here but it will go away again soon. It will pass and you will get better at handling it. Talk to your friends/family as much as you can. No matter how silly your fears sound your brain will compute then mmm differently when it hears it back when spoken out loud too. And super super kind to yourself.

Natzsteveo in reply to Kimple123

Hi kimple

Thanks for the great advice I’ve been told to come off them or at least get down to one 37.5mg because they was making me have fast heart rate..I’m definitely been feeling the withdrawals the last 2 weeks with my health anxiety but I will get there in the end

Thank you

Nat x

Kimple123 in reply to Natzsteveo

Well stick in there Nat. It takes time but your body / brain just needs to adjust. Anyone been watching Wim Hof and his breathing technique. It seems bloody marvellous. Think it should be taught in school lol

Natzsteveo in reply to Kimple123

No will have to have a look at that thanks


Pearl67 in reply to Kimple123

Beautiful wisdom❤️

You’re NOT a burden here, family and friends might think you are? They can’t handle this situation, I’ve been though it, so I’ve learned to pretend everything’s Fine they don’t want to hear it. Have you tried counseling? 🙏😷

Yeah I’ve just self referred to cbt it’s hard to keep on a brave face on all the time I know that feeling


Well at least during quarantine time I don’t have to really deal with anyone 😷

Yeh avoiding anyone is my way of dealing with it too



I wondered why you are weaning off your Venlafaxine. I have GAD and am on 187.5 of Venlafaxine and have been for three years

I am doing great on it but I know it doesn't suit everyone. I expect to have to keep taking it long term.

Very good luck and hope you feel better soon.


Natzsteveo in reply to Kkimm

Hi Kim I’ve been taking it for 20+ years and my heart rate readings are to fast so we thought we would try reducing it to see if that was it and it is my heart rate is back to its normal range of heart beat my dr says venlafaxine is effective but after taking it for so many years the down side is fast heart rate so I’m now reduced to 75mg a day half morning half at night and I think I’m just gonna try and get to 37.5mg and stay there I don’t think I will be able to come off them permanently if I’m honest

Thanks so much


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