Physical anxiety

Well ive been through anxiety all my life but recently its got to the point where i cant eat sleep good I have diarrhea im always worried i feel really sick ive been to 5 emergency rooms they all say its anxiety my primary care doctor sais im ok but im worried its something ill it hard to act like me i feel wierd like im acting weird im taking paxil for 5 days im just so scared, i feel horrible did anyone felt like this


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  • Hi moises.

    Unfortunately anxiety has a myriad of symptoms that make us wonder what the heck is going on.If you continue to take your medication it will start to settle things down,I know its worrying but we are always here to support and help you as best we can.

    Take care Kenny-w

  • Like i feel wierd like im scared and i keep thinking i have mad cow disease

    Feels like im going to forget how to use my body it feels like im acting wierd i feel allot of physical symptoms yea i just woke up feeling like not myself even though everyone says its anxiety im just scared that its something causing my anxiety

  • Fear is the best friend of Anxiety... the more you fear the more you feel anxious.. like adding fuel to the fire.. Thinking is not bad, you can think.. When anxious thoughts come just welcome them and give them a smile.

  • Hi so sorry that your not feeling yourself at the moment but as kenny says it will get easier when your medication really

    settles down.

    I used to feel strange sometimes i'd be walking the children to school and i'd feel like i was walking backwards even though i was walking forward, at the time i had PTS and once the medication kicked in i did start to feel alot better..

    please take care.

    sending you hugs xx

  • Thank you so much i just hate this feeling it feels like ima go crazy or forget how to use my body or die

  • Im 19

  • I'm old now lol but at your age i was scared to sleep just incase i did'nt wake up, please tell your doctor how your feeling, i just want you to know that i'm in the big 50ish age and im still alive with 2 children and 3 grandchildren.

    You will get better you've got alot of life to live,

    warm hugs viv xx

  • Thank you

  • I feel the exact same way.

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