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Anxiety advice?

Hello new here and looking for some advice? I have generalised anxiety disorder, health anxiety and im a huge hypochondiac!

Ive suffer symptoms such as muscle aches, occasional chest pain, feeling sick and dizzy, trouble catching a breath aswell as being on edge and living in fear!

Ive been to the doctor much more than normal recently and ive had my heart listened to and a blood test and im okay although my mind dont agree :(

Im 16, my biggest fear ever is a heart attack theres no family history and im not in any risk factors im healthy and not overweight but i cant shake it off every pain in my arm back etc i think it will happen :/

Ive made huge mistakes if googling symptoms :( never helped at all as thats where i read about heart attacks :/

Please help any advide appreciated!

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at 16 just relax and stop wrrying about your health


Good morning Pink Cookie.

Welcome to the site.It does not matter how old you are anxiety can strike anyone,the symptoms you describe are common and can be quite frightening and you will undoubtedly make them worse by visiting Dr Google.We have a policy here to promise to stay away from Google it does more harm than good.Have a word with your doctor and explain how you feel they will know what is best for you.

Take care Kenny-w


Morning :) thankyou, might have to stick by that policy aha its a bad habit! Think ive seen the doctor more than my friends this month haha!


Hi PinkCookie,

I too have bad health anxiety, and can be a bit of a perfectionist, it's horrible constantly thinking you're going to have a heart attack, that something is wrong and you're sick and over analyzing everything.

I find that being realistic really helps, instead of thinking what if, say to yourself "I am young, healthy and the chances of it being something extremely bad and life threatening are minimal or non existent" or, and I know this can be hard to do, "well if it happens it happens, but it probably won't".

Are you in counciling? If you don't mind me asking.

I am 21 and have just started, while I've only had 3 sessions it really seems to be helping. It's great to talk to someone who really underdstands how you feel and is also an outsider, as friends often don't really understand how you feel.


Yeah its horrible :/ thankyou i will try that! Im in a waiting list for a counsellor seems to be taking forever! Thankyou for your reply :D hope you feel better soon xx


It is.

But it does get better, I'm still struggling but I have a better understanding now. If you ever need to talk feel free to inbox me, it's good to have the support of people who are in the same postion.

Try not to google your syptoms either it really makes it so much worse, I spent a lot of time googling and it just makes you stress more.

I hope you get into your cousiling soon and can start working this xo


Thankyou so much! Trying not to trying to just stick to this site xx


You're more than welcome :)


Hi the best thing about this site is you know your not alone. That people do understand. I think that is the worst thing about panic and anxiety. Please try to stay positive. I hope your counselling appointment helps. It worked wonders for me. In the mean time believe in yourself, your strength, your determination, your courage.....when I'm having a bad day I look at myself in the mirror I say - I believe in you! You have got what it takes to get thru can do this if you dig down deep! Some days it's a five minute thing other days I'm back in the mirror every hour but it helps me to really focus on blocking out the bs and getting on with it!

Hope this helps!


Thankyou for that! Yeah this sites good theres always someone feeling the same as you, i will try this!

Happy easter x


When we have anxiety we always think the worst,trust me on that one. My health fears started at your age. I wonder if you've suffered some major trauma as I did. Still 30 years on I'm still here! If you need to visit your Dr do just that as it can put your mind at rest even for a short while! Thinking of you.


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