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Well ive been through anxiety all my life but recently its got to the point where i cant eat sleep good I have diarrhea im always worried i feel really sick ive been to 5 emergency rooms they all say its anxiety my primary care doctor sais im ok but im worried its something ill it hard to act like me i feel wierd like im acting weird im taking paxil for 5 days im just so scared, i feel horrible did anyone felt like this

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Hi Moises,

Sorry to hear you are feeling so scared. As you have experienced anxiety before, you will know it comes and goes. I think what you are experiencing is Anxiety related. Try not to worry, easier said than done, as it exacerbates the anxiety.

Are you getting any other help, CBT or anything. Have you got any mindfulness C.D.'s or a book? Can you talk to anybody.

Can you try the deep breathing?

I hope you feel better soon, please keep posting.

Eunice x


Yea like idk im paranoid im scared i might have mad cow it feels like i cant control my body like im forgetting how to use my body and i get a wierd feeling in the back of my neck like im convinced its my anxiety even though everyone says it is


Been there with all of it for the past two years. I found a doctor that gets it. Before I found him I found the book at last a life by Paul david and it changed my life. Read it I promise it wi change your life. The more you focus on it and the more try and figure out what's causing it the worse it gets. You have to break the pattern and you have to learn to change your thoughts and your need to "control" the anxiety for fear of a panic attack. Heading to another appointment with my doc this morning. In 3 months I am able to be mostly anxiety free with an occasional need for a Xanax. Once in a blue moon especially when I am in bed I get lazy and just want to sleep instead of the doing the work. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any help. Good luck! Get the book and start there!!


I also get the burning in the back of my neck you are exactly like me. You are not losing it you are not crazy and you can fix it!!!


Ive been to 6 emergency rooms and 3 behavioral health places and 3 doctors appointment they all say its my anxiety

Like i feel like theres no hope i cant run nowhere i just feel sick


I have anxiety so I can completely relate . I feel that you shouldn't have to cope with this alone , Have you not been offered any help / support ? MIND will offer advice and possibly an advocate to help you access the right support. Hold on in there , I know how tough it is and the feeling of desperation . Burnsey had a good idea with this book , I shall be having a look myself


Omg so today i found out i have no more insurance and i dont know what to do


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