The negative bug

I don't know bout u but I'm fed up of the negative thoughts bug that lives in my head!!! I am feeling in a better place than I was 6 mths ago but can't sleep at night becus of these thoughts. I replay all the days events over and over again... I try so hard to relax let them cum and go... But they cum and don't go!!!

I have made lots of positive steps... I can now b left on my own whilst hubby is at work, I don't wake up every morning with anxiety. I can get through a day at work with little distress but going out and meeting people is still tough : (

These negative thoughts r making my mood low along with the lack if sleep. Even going to therapy I feel like I'm failing becus I just don't know how im meant to be... Wat im meant to discuss... Fed up of crying there becus i think she wil get fed up with me!!!

Sorry to go on but I know sumone on here wil relate to me.


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  • Hi Jayne we all relate to those bugs of that I'm sure. At the risk of sounding like some life coach guru you mention as many positives there as negatives. Could you not take heart and post The Positive Bugs blog?

  • U know Hollow that's wat I'm working really hard on at therapy... U see I can see the positives only the negatives stick with me!!! I have cum along way but want more. Sud b grateful for the recovery I av made so far hey!!! Xx

  • Hi there-your situation is similar to mine & I wish that there was an easy way to wipe away negative thoughts. However, when I am 'better' (sadly I not better now!) I know that the good thoughts are very small ones. Perhaps you could try to see how the small improvements that you have made through therapy relate to the small joys in your life, eg being able to left on your own lets you make a cup of tea just the way that you like it with your favourite radio programme on? Gather up a few of these & maybe the sum of them will give you a collection of things to build on at your next session. ps I have had councelling & it really helped me, but I have to be honest, just now I think that medication will work out better for me. Good luck wit everything

  • Hi I know wat u r saying I am keeping a log of my days and trying to focus on the positive steps and not to mention the anxiety... Av to accept that the anxiety and thoughts wil be there so if there not that's a blessing. Thank u for ure kind advice. X

  • The old adage it's a marathon not a sprint comes to mind. I know how hard and disappointing it can be when you realise there is light at the end of the tunnel but you are not quite there. This can be as demoralising as the anxiety itself. It will come one day and you won't notice it at first because you have finally accepted it and your mind and body are not reacting the way they are now. Don't wish, long or pray for that day just believe it will happen x

  • I wil try Hollow I just want to be better now and maybe I wil never be that old self again and have to accept that anxiety and worrying thoughts are part of me now. I wil try to take each day one at a time. Thanks for ure advice. X

  • Negative thoughts are not part of your true self--as a baby you were not born negative it is something that we take on board by our lifes experiences or by our peers or parents....... Remember this do not try to force them to the back of your mind..when they are present just say that i know you are only my imagination and you will this you become the observer rather than involving yourself in the situation...... Life is like a tornado--in the eye of the storm all is calm and as the observer you can view all the debris flying around you but it cannot affect you......but the minute you step out of this calm centre you step into the debris and are caught up with all the imaginary woes..........a bit deep-sorry--just trying to

  • Thank u so much for ure reply... I am giving them too much attention but I get scared wen I don't av things to worry about( hope this makes sense) it's hard to change a bad habit. I wil try what u av said. So glad I joined this site becus of the super advice. Xx

  • A lot of what we worry about is not our business. I would get my head involved in other peoples problems, commenting on others affairs, even getting angry at something on the i,m at peace because when people try to involve me, or comment on someone guess what i say......"I don,t really know because it is non of my business"........WHAT FREEDOM NOT GETTING CAUGHT UP IN DEBRIS AND STAYING IN THE CENTRE---ha ha--all the best.....may peace come your way...xx

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