The 5th!

Well anyone who reads my posts will know that I very recently broke up with my was meant to be a special day in our relationship so I'm finding I'm struggling a bit today...Anyway I'm sitting at work(oops) :-) and I've thought well I can be all sad all day or I can go out and do something so yes, I'm going to go out and have a few little wines. Just 2 mind you or I'll end up a complete crying riot and I really don't think anyone wants to see that. :-P



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14 Replies

  • Hi

    Listen try & forget its the 5th , its just another day really that in a few hours will have gone & we will be on the 6th :-/

    My mums anniversary is any time soon , really painful & I will feel sad but not allow myself to think about it to much , of course I will have a few tears , do what I do with her flowers & then keep my self busy & let it pass

    Now hope you see the humor in this , but if all my exes , yes I had a few , I thought about every special day that was in our relationships when I was with them , I wouldnt get many days of in the year , I no whywhy has had her moments you no , she wasnt born sat on a laptop even though it may look like it :D

    Cast it out your mind the best you can , it will get easier , this time next year you may not even remember what the 5th of October was supposed to be if I were to ask you

    AND , just the two OK :-/




  • Hahaha this is a very good point actually. See this is why I post this stuff, you just put it into perspective :-P

    My silly mind just gets lost and runs away with itself "imagine this and imagine that" who cares apart from the here and now. Does that even make sense? Lol!

    Anyway yes whywhy, just the 2! Maybe a wee beer thrown in for good measure but that's my lot hehe xxx

  • We all have silly minds Ashley believe me , come & spend a day in mine if you like :D

    Oh where did that sneaky beer come in , dont you be on here later with your dancing heart when X factor is on :D


  • Nooooo I won't complain this whole day lol! ;-) xx

  • :D

    Hey if you need to pop on with an update on your heart or anything else, I am always happy to read it

    In fact I may miss your famous heart very much when it accepts it suffers with anxiety & calms down :o

    Wont be the same :-/


  • I'm the same Ashley, broken hearted lonley and stressed out, just had both daughters on the phone both have plans for today I'm glad they are buzy and will leave me alone and sad sad sad to be alone all day at the se time! Wine and head under the covers is looking more attractive all the time but deep down I know it will Only make things worse, just want today gone too x

  • Oh Debbie I'm sorry you are feeling this way also. I'm sure we will both get better with time. It's a great healer so I'm told lol.


  • Oh yes time is a good healer, we just need some to pass! X

  • Hey girlies, sorry youre both feeling down, Im still getting over my ex so totally understand, but we have to look at the positives of not having a fella............ not having someone tell you how to live your life, not have to put up with the in-laws, whatever the reason...........

    For me I have reclaimed my sat night viewing........... go treat yourself to one of them large tins of xmas sweeties, nice food and one glass of wine for tonights viewing.......... its not all bad!!

    When you speak to people in relationships, its not all that!!

    Be nice to yourselfs!!

    Love and hugs


  • Good advice! Just can't eat at the moment and drinking makes me sick! Never mind at least I'm loosing weight! Xx enjoy your chocs x

  • Ah that's pants............ I hope you feel better soon, heartbreak is the worst xxx

  • I can truly agree anne, I have been married for 19 years and I am always alone, he plays video games most of the time, I feel like I married myself, I truly think if I leave this marriage, I don't I want to marry again, maybe date, but not marry. I am slowly finding myself again, he doesn't even know my favorite color. I can't understand how I stayed for this long. Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side. Samantha

  • Ah Im sorry for you hun.... that's pants... I tell you what when I have got this anxiety in check and my life back on track, me and my best mate who is like a sister (just left her hubby after 25 years of crap) we have compiled a bucket list.... Im 49 and shes 52 and we will be having the time of our lifes this time next year!!

    Good luck to you in your journey xxxx

  • Hi Ashley, we survived the 5th! Well it was a very long night but at least I slept this morning which makes today shorter hopefully!!! X

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