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Keep getting negative thoughts again. All was fine this morning, jumped in shower and BAM! 'Whatnif you've got an inherited heart condition that you don't know about' 'you'll have a cardiaarrest' 'your chest has been hurting and you do go dizzy' send me worrying into next week. It's so stupid. Is there a way to counteract the thoughts. Nobody in my family for 3 generations has had anything like that or died prematurely and it's a big family all physically active. And I've had bloods, ecgs X-rays the lot. But I'm sat here worrying my ass off.


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  • Hey! Same as here. I suffer for health anxiety but I just realized that my biggest fear is not the illness itself but about death. I still have my panic attacks today and even nightmares. How r u feeling right now? Are u in a perfect health?

  • I feel on edge right now. I suffer excess gas in my stomach and constant anxiety from heartburn. I've had all the rest for my heart etc they come back Fine

  • Anxiety causes heartburn. Its ok. Just have some antacid. What makes u afraid at this moment?

  • I feel helpless, my necks gone all right so now I'm dizzy/vertigo and tingling on top of my head. Probably from staring down at my phone so much!! My brain knows I'm ok. But when I get dizzy and hesrtburn all combined I feel like I'm dying and I panic and it lasts a week

  • Dizziness and also tingling are anxiety symptoms. U don't have to be worry cause it will be gone soon. I just read an article that thinking about death/dying is a sign of depression. R u depressed?

  • Mr Heap. You have distorted thinking. Your thoughts are wrong and your brain is misleading you as I'm sure you must know. This is a common problem and these are the patterns you may recognize.

    You've been investigated and the tests are normal. You have no basis to continue this worrying. It's "stinkin thinkin". You must learn to conquer it

  • You have just said something very Important to your mental health. You have nothing in your family that you know of with these problems, you have had tests done, all clear, provided you keep yourself healthy, you will be ok. Try to remember that and counteract your thoughts with, I am healthy, I have my whole life to Enjoy, if you put all of your energy into thinking like this you will never move forward and have wasted precious time, when you could be enjoying your healthy life..... Please think about how you can do so much right now, big hug

  • What you have to realise is if you have actually been diagnosed like a lot of people have then you have cause for concern, but luckily you are well, take that as a new beginning

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