How does everyone feel when they wake up in the morning?

Howdy :)

Just wondering how everyone feels when they wake up? Myself...the negative thoughts instantly are there, I think "what's today going to be like", "how many panic attacks will I have today", "I'm so tired I just want to go back to sleep"...they are my thoughts and then I worry about them all day... Hope someone can shed some

Light on how they control these thoughts :(

Kelly x


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  • Exact the same as you it's awful takes me about ten minutes to get up because I'm dizzy am so sick of it soon as my eyes open that's it I worry nothings seems to take that thought away it's so hard i hate going to sleep

  • :( me too! I've spent my morning worrying about nothing, i keep dry reaching cause I'm worrying myself sick. I've tried occupying myself but the second I feel any form of symptom (dizzy, sweaty, floaty arms or legs) it sets me off...I'm so tired of being tired & so angry that I allow myself to feel shit :( I hope you're feeling okay today?

  • i actually try to feel my body feels....if i feel good i generally have a good day...mostly...about 2-3 weeks ago...i would wake up feeling deathly ill anytime i layed down...ended up sleeping less and less...till the point where i would lay down a hr and feel ill after getting up....thank god im not like that anymore!

  • Or am with you it's horrendous you wouldn't believe how shit it makes you feel. And ye I worry my self sick do your eyes feel heavy and really tired x

  • Hey again :)

    So...I had another horrible day! I went to my doctor who could tell i am just finding it so hard coping at the moment. I've now been given Valium, which I've never wanted to take before or have never taken it. I'm to have 2.5mg in the morning & 2.5mg at night. After taking it today (I had to take it at about 2pm after my doctors appointment which she told me to take it as I was so worked up) j actually was able to process thoughts, I was relaxed, the anxiety went away. I slept for about 2 hours, however it didn't make me sleep, I made myself I hues in a way it did help as j haven't been able to sleep for days. I woke up & actually felt bad thoughts...FINALLY! I'm just waiting for my little girl to go to bed & I'll take my nightly dose. I'm having a minor freak out as I don't want to take the dose to soon, but I've reasearched today, some people take 10mg 4 times a my small dose, I should be ok to take it soon, right?

    How was your day Were, did you manage your anxiety ok?

    Kelly x

  • It's morning tine here ha ha. And ye your be fine I've never took anything for my anxiety it's a mind a game so shitx

  • Hey :)

    Welllllll....don't be a hold out hehe tell me how you stopped that shitty feeling :)

  • A cant stop the shity feeling x

  • Oh hahaha. It's night time here. Where abouts do you live? Do you have family support? I have a great network of support...but they are so over me right now lol. I'm like a broken record...I get why they get frustrated with me, but I think they get frustrated because they don't know how to help me all the time. X

  • I feel suicidal in the mornings. Hate them. Try to keep breathing deeply and sleeping but just get more anxious so have to get up. Getting up sometimes helps - it breaks the nightmare of thoughts. I make a tea and meditate for as long as I can. Anxiety has me always. Feel a bit calmer in the evenings but then I dread the morning again!

  • :( I'm hearing ya. Are you medicated? It's such a vicious cycle isn't it.

  • My eyes are really tired am sick feel like crying

  • :( are you home alone? Or is their something you can try to do to occupy yourself? It's 11.20pm here. Everyone is asleep...but as usual I am wide awake!

  • With my kids and partner nothing seems to distract me lol

  • Ok, least you're not alone. It's the worst isn't it? I get that as matter what j do or "try" to do, the mind & thoughts always win the battle! Anxiety can kiss my ass...😎 Haha! So over it & so over allowing it to beat me!

  • It's stronger than me wish it wernt but it's took over me a can just be sat therr ok one minute then I go all light headed and of balance and weak a jump up and feels funny walking go jellyfied really scares me tho x

  • Yep, that's exactly what happens to me. How do you hide it from your children? I find it so hard to hide it from my little girl.

  • I don't they no I have it but what can you do I'm sat here thinking of it now and it's 11.15pm do you feel sick all the time to and weird walking x

  • So you hide it from them Hun? Maybe talking to your husband about it may help you? Yeah when I'm anxious I feel like my feet aren't even touching the ground! Xxx

  • He nos about it I always talk about it no one can help me my mam goes mad with me lol x

  • Lol tell me about it. My mum is very supportive but gets frustrated with the thousand phone calls she gets from me daily...I get its hard for people to understand, but i don't hide what I'm feeling. The second I feel something, I need to call someone for reassurance. Xxx

  • Ha ha mornings are horrible feel hung over ha ha c

  • I take citalopram - been on them for ever but I doubt they work at all. The only thing works is diazepam or sominex.

  • Hi Helen,

    I've just been prescribed Valium. I'm to take 2.5mg in the morning and 2.5mg at night. My panic has subsided (yay) however, I've just finding it hard to get motivated. I only started taking the Valium on Friday, so I guess like any other medication it will take some time to adjust? I'm also tapering off Effexor so I'm unsure if the shitty feeling I am getting is from the Effexor or the Valium. I think the Valium is doing its job, and also helping my reduced Effexor intake. Catch 22 going through all this :(

  • You sound just like me helen,i,ve had anxiety an depression on an off for about 30 years,been on prozac for a long time,goin throught it at the moment,just look forward to goin back to bed

  • It is so overwhelming I wish I could have my brain washed so I can start fresh! I panic as I wake up about today, yesterday everything and everyone. Relieved to get through another day away from the loss of my daddy but the fear of another terrifying day ahead x

  • I have started feeling very low, dangerously so in the mornings again. I went off the anti-d's for a while but obviously I need them. Really been dragging myself out of bad this past week or so and now a job's ended I think it's going to be tough going to force myself up.

  • I don't take anything a dernt what do symtons you have

  • I get - rush from my feet all the way to my head so I know my panic attack is about to break loose. My hearts races, get sweaty palms, shaky, unrealistic thoughts, I feel like I need to run...but I can't escape it. I get dizzy as anything, feel like I'm going to pass out, I cry, I'm fidgety...nothing can calm me down when I'm in that mind set.

  • It's awful ain't it Im always worrying

  • Me too :(

  • Hi warren,

    Have you gone back to your doctors for them to prescribe you some more medication? Do you know what brings on your anxiety? Hope your okay :( Kelly x

  • i think stuff with ginger in it helped with me feeling sick when laying sometimes perhaps...not really sure.

  • I don't really feel too anxious, I suppose more depressed in the morning. Anxiety I suppose comes in the form of sometimes feeling unsure of myself at work, thinking a task is bigger than it is etc. It's just feeling I've made a mess of my life and being unhappy with where I am, and it just takes a hell of a lot of effort to get up for work. Today, a Saturday, no real problem.

  • Makes a difference when we know we don't have to do anything on a particular day doesn't it. The mind is such a powerful thing...and a asshole one at that :(

  • I have no problem initially hopping out of bed but I always feel very foggy headed or heavy head kinda feeling until about noon. Then Im usually exhausted again and keep pushing through the day until im off work at 5. My anxiety tends to pick up around 4 when it starts getting dark out because lights in the room start to really bother my eye causing more anxiety... ugh. Most days are like this.

  • Sucks hey 😡 Are you on any medication Hun?

  • no medication. Tried Zoloft over the summer. Hated it. I take vitamins and I do have Ativan if I really neeed it. Also recently got a prescription for Effexor but im scared to try it

  • I feel the same.. But I feel much better after meditation and exercise...

    My sleep is much improved now due to exercise and healthy eating... I am taking Zoloft and it works great for me...

  • That's awesome you have found a way to get yourself feeling good. I need to do the same, but being a panic head, as soon as I work out or exercise i freak out if my heart races and I can't breath properly...why does this awful illness give me an excuse for everything! Good job for you, you must feel so proud of yourself :)

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